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Vegetable Juices vs Fruit Juices

vegetable juices vs fruit juices

We love fresh juice, but we also believe that not all juices are created equal. In the infamous words of Napoleon (Animal Farm), “some are more equal than others.”

In other words – vegetable juices are superior to fruit juices.

How do we have the gall to say that? After all, both fresh fruits and vegetables are chock full of vital nutrients. Still, when it comes to overall nutritional benefits, we’re going to stick to our point that veggie juices are better than fruit juices. Here are 2 reasons why.

Fruit juices are high in sugar, vegetable juices are not

Fruit juices are delicious and nutritious, but they are also high in sugar content. Whereas you probably wouldn’t sit down and eat 3 bananas, 2 apples, handfuls of grapes, a few plums, several mangoes, etc., it’s easy to quickly and easily consume A LOT of fruits in juice form – which also makes it easy to overdo your sugar intake.

juicing health risks

They’re so darn yummy you forget just how much sugar you’re drinking. And whereas natural fruit sugar definitely trumps processed sugar, too much of it is still not beneficial for your health. Find out the best low sugar fruits to juice!

Vegetable juices, on the other hand, don’t contain nearly the sugar content that their fruitier counterparts do. Less calories, less sugar, and a whole lot of nutrition to boot.

Vegetables are more alkaline than fruits

Both fruits and vegetables have alkalizing properties, but vegetables in general tend to be more alkalizing than fruits in general. With the exception of apricots and cantaloupe (see juice recipes here), vegetables top the list of alkali-forming foods every time.It’s important that you have slightly more alkaline in your body fluids.

In general, a more acidic environment – caused by factors such as stress, upset emotions, and certain foods – creates a more disease-prone environment while making it harder for our bodies to fight and reverse diseases, leading to a host of health issues such as allergies, joint pain, and digestive issues.

Vegetables alkalize your system and help to maintain the delicate pH balance that contributes to optimal health.

The swiftest and most effective dietary alkalizers are freshly extracted raw vegetables juices” ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

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