Top 12 Best Juicing Books to Achieve All Your Juicing Goals

Getting your hands on at least one of the best juicing books is pretty darn important, especially when you’re trying to achieve specific goals on your juicing journey.

Sure, blogs are a great place to start learning about juicing and picking up tips and tricks to maximize your juicing experience. But there’s no doubt about it – a good book is a convenient way to get the deep scoop on juicing as well as an array of topics for which you’re juicing anyway – nutrition, health, and general wellness.

So what are the best juicing books out there? Let’s deep dive in.

Updated: April 5, 2021

Best Juicing Books for Beginners

If you’re brand new to juicing and want to spend a couple hours learning all the tricks, hacks and tips to streamline your experience, these are the best juicing books for beginners to get you started on the smartest juicing path possible.

1. Just Juice It! A Beginner’s Crash Course to Juicy Bliss


This one is our very own, much overdue guide to juicing for beginners.

It’s got absolutely everything we know about juicing and how to do it in the healthiest, most beneficial way possible.

If you’re a newbie with a brand new juicer and would like to get started off on the right foot – this is a must-read.

In it, you’ll find all our juicy secrets and every tip and trick to transform you from a juice newbie to a juice ninja, as well as the commandments of healthy juicing and the common pitfalls to avoid.

You’ll also learn the art of creating your own juice recipes and find answers to all your juicing questions about what to juice, when to juice, how to juice and much, much more. You’ll also get a collection of some delicious, beginner-friendly juice recipes – complete with calorie and nutrition info.

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2. The Big Book of Juices

best juice recipe books

This one is a must-have, if only for the giant database of juice recipes. I cannot count the number of times I have gifted this book to friends and family. And I still refer to it myself for juice recipe inspiration.

There are over 400 recipes in this huge book but it’s wonderfully organized so you can search and find the recipes by key ingredients, by nutrients provided, and even by health benefits. And each juice recipe tells you exactly what it’s good for, be it boosting energy or for better skin.

The recipes are also really creative and great for helping you drum up new juice concoctions. Most of the recipes are fruit-vegetable blends, as well, which may not work for you if you prefer juicing vegetable-only juices. But you could always just reduce the fruit serving suggestions and replace them with vegetables!

Oh, and the fact that the juice recipes in this book are fruit-veggie concoctions makes this book a wonderful gift for anyone who’s interested in healthy living and juicing. I’ve gifted this as a set – along with a Z-Star Juicer – to several close friends for birthdays, Christmases, and even for one wedding. They’ve all loved it and even more importantly – used it. It’s got stunning pictures so even when it’s not in use, it looks great on the coffee table 🙂

The Big Book of Juices is available on Amazon

3. The Everything Juicing Book

best juicing book review

This book might be a little elementary for those who’ve been juicing for awhile, but it is fantastic for beginners.

What I love about this book is how it’s divided into several sections of juicing sub-topics you might be interested in, such as juicing for weight loss, juice fasting, and juice detox.

It’s a great starter book to learn more about the basics of juicing as well as explore various sub-topics and try juice recipes targeted to specific goals, i.e. weight loss or detox.

The Everything Juicing Book is available on Kindle

4. The Juicing Bible

best juicing book reviews

This book is an oldie but a goodie which lives up to its name. What I love about the Juicing Bible is that it goes into topics that are crucial to know if you’re juicing for health.

There’s easy-to-understand information on general body systems as well as recommendations on how to naturally overcome common health concerns.

It’s 350 recipes but it’s not just juices – there are also recipes for smoothies, tonics, and cleansers – all of which cover a variety of health concerns.

And the best part? This book contains detailed, useful information about a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs – which is awesome to have around when you’re about to juice something new.

The only drawback to this book is that it includes more obscure and hand to find produce and herbs, including stuff that you might never have heard of and have no intention to juice. The upside of this is that as you juice more and more, you’ll find yourself coming back to try some of those more obscure juice recipes. 🙂

The Juicing Bible is available on Amazon

5. The Healthy GREEN DRINK Diet

green juice recipes

I love juicing. And of all the juices, veggie juices are my favorite. And of all the veggie juices – the green juices are my absolute favorites. Green juices are the best-est of the best (yes, that’s my good-est English) and this book is a great starter book on green drinks.

In all honesty, if you’re already downing green juices every day, this book is not going to be much help, but it is helpful for people who are just starting to go green. There are recipes in this book that don’t even require a juicer to make, recipes that actually taste good.

The book is also beautifully laid-out and presented – which doesn’t seem like it’d make a big difference – but is really helpful when you’re first starting out on the bizarre journey of drinking stuff that looks like grass and want to know what things look like, etc.

The Healthy Green Drink Diet is available on Amazon

Best Books on Juicing for Weight Loss

If you started your juicing journey with the goal of shedding some pounds, you are so not alone. But to do it well – you’re going to have to juice smart. The below are the best books on juicing for weight loss to help you achieve your weight loss goals, without sacrificing your health!

1. Look Good Naked

Look Good Naked

If you’re looking for a complete guide to using liquid nutrition to propel weight loss – this one’s for you.

It takes everything we know about juicing, smoothies and how the two can permanently change your relationship with food to transform your body for good.

This isn’t a lose 30 lbs in 30 days kind of book – this guide will show you how to take advantage of the best weight loss foods in order to shed fat in a healthy and sustainable way.

You’ll find out how to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs, fuel the smart way to raise your metabolism and burn fat, exactly how and when to juice and blend for the best weight loss results and get delicious juice and smoothie recipes – complete with calorie and nutrition facts.

It’s the best juicing (and blending) for weight loss book on the market, if we do say so ourselves 🙂

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2. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (DVD)

fat sick and nearly dead

Okay, so this isn’t a juicing book. It’s a documentary. But it is the best in its class for juicing for weight loss.


It’s crazy inspirational. If you’re starting down the path of changing your diet – and your life – to lose weight and live healthier, this documentary is a must-see.

You witness a body (and a life) being transformed before your eyes and trust me – it’ll inspire you to do the same.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is available on Amazon

Best Books on Juicing for Ailments

Juicing has been integral to many a healing program, but juicing for ailments is a little different than just everyday juicing. If you’re looking to juice in order to heal yourself, here are the best juicing books to get your started.

1. Juicing for Life: A Guide to the Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicing

juicing for life book

Cherie Calbom, aka “The Juice Lady” co-authored this book and like the rest of her books – it is fantastically informative and truly useful. The bulk of this book is dedicated to common ailments and health issues. The conditions are laid out and you’re provided with general recommendations as well as the dietary modifications to treat that specific condition. You learn about the nutrients that’ll help and there are juice recipes as well as food recipes suggested for each condition.

There are over 75 health problems addressed in this book, each of which have nutritional information and suggestions for everyday meals along with juice recipes. This is probably the best book on juicing for specific ailments. The only drawback is that the book is only offered in paperback form – if you’re looking for a Kindle version, check out The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health, which doesn’t have quite the content of Juicing for Life but comes pretty close, covering over 50 health conditions.

It’s available on Kindle

2. The Gerson Therapy

gerson therapy book

If you really want to know how much juicing can do for you, this is a MUST-READ.

The Gerson Therapy has been making its rounds in the news, wellness blogs, and among the health community for some time now. And it’s no surprise why – the Therapy has been around for over 60 years and has helped people overcome “incurable” diseases such as cancer, emphysema, arthritis, and more.

This book shows you how to heal yourself of disease and illness by changing your body chemistry, provides specific advice for specific illnesses, and shares juicing tips and techniques to maximize healing power.

The Gerson Therapy is available on Amazon

Best Books on Juice Fasting & Detox

As anyone who’s ever tried it will tell you, juice fasting can be intense. It’s definitely recommended that you have a guide to virtually hold your hand through it and steer you toward the best way to fast and detox.

1. Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life: Unleash the Healing Power of Fresh Juices and Cleansing Diets

best juice fasting book

If you read just one book on juice detox, let this book be it. It’s yet another book written by the highly-informative Juice Lady and it is a great guide to not only detox-ing with juice, but detox-ing ourselves of various toxins – including mental and emotional baggage.

I especially recommend this book since the words ‘juice fast’ and ‘juice detox’ have become trendy buzzwords that everyone is doing but not many people can advise how to do it properly in a way that offers maximum benefits for your body. This book does that. You’ll find detailed information on detox routines like colon cleansing, kidney cleaning, liver cleansing and even emotional cleansing.

And what I especially love about this book is that the majority of the recommended recipes is focused on vegetables. This book is not for beginners – the juice recipes mentioned are not the tastiest, I’ll admit – but a must-read for juicers who are ready to take the detox step in their juicing journey.

Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life is available on Kindle

2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting

juice fasting book

This book is great for its juice recipes. I do regular juice fasts and the most challenging part is not the fact that I can’t eat, but it’s coming with juice recipes that I won’t get bored of and are nutritious enough to keep me going.

This book does just that. It’s really simple. There are a bunch of juice recipes that are delicious, vegetable-rich, and nutrient rich.

A must-have if you’re going to attempt a juice fast. This book will make it so much easier.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting is available on Kindle.

Best Juicing Books for Various Occasions

Let’s say you’ve been juicing for awhile and you feel like you’ve tried every juice recipe and every juicing protocol under the sun. Where do you go from there? Here are the best juicing books to inject new life into your juicing experience!

1. Raw Juicing: The Healthy, Easy and Delicious Way to Gain the Benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle

best book on raw juicing

Okay, all the above juicing books are great, but what if you need a really creative book full of juice recipes that are creatively varied, dessert-sweet or alcoholic? Yes, I’m talking about juicing for parties and special occasions! Yay!

Anyway, this Raw Juicing book – ‘though probably one of the least known of the best juicing books – is in a class of its own for creative, highly imaginative, yet still delicious juice recipes. It has alcoholic juices. It has crazy interesting juice recipes. It describes not only the nutritional value, but the taste of each juice recipe. And it offers helpful suggestions on taste enhancers throughout the book for those harder-on-the-palate recipes.

This one’s a must-have for anyone who thinks he or she has tried ’em all (juice recipes, that is)!

Raw Juicing is available on Amazon.

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