6 Underrated Benefits of Juicing Vegetables for Your Body and Lifestyle

Not only do you want to know is vegetable juice good for you, you want specifics. Yup, you’re looking to find out the exact benefits of juicing vegetables that go more in-depth than a simple affirmative.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we love talking about vegetable juice.

Sure, we love fresh juice in general, but we also believe that not all juices are created equal. In the infamous words of Napoleon (Animal Farm), “some are more equal than others.”

In other words – vegetable juices are the best, healthiest juices you can consume. Here’s why.

5 Benefits of Juicing Vegetables

We all know that fruit juice is downright delicious, but not as many people are as keen on juicing vegetables. Even with the latest green juice and smoothie craze, so many people are still shying away from drinking their veggies.


Well, truth be told – vegetables don’t have the sugar content that fruits do and might not make the same kind of sweet and tasty first impression on your taste buds. But that lack of sugar content is also what makes vegetables juices awesome. They’re low-calorie, no-fat, and chock full of wonderful nutritious benefits.

Oh, and as for the taste? You get used to it.

In fact, you get so used to it, you actually start to crave it. Don’t believe me? Check out these top 5 benefits of juicing vegetables to pump yourself up and then go make yourself a mainly-veggie juice for a few days. Your body will thank you and your taste buds…well, they’ll adapt.


Burping, bloating and farts. Oh, my.

If you’ve ever experienced digestive issues after eating a heap of vegetables, you know what I’m talking about. As healthy as veggies are proclaimed to be, the fact is that not all of us can easily digest them.

juicing vegetables

Veggies tend to be quite high in fiber – both soluble and insoluble – and while soluble fiber can be soothing for the gut, large amounts of insoluble fiber can prove pretty troublesome, especially if your digestive tract is not in tip-top working condition.

This inability to digest vegetables applies to a lot of the best vegetables out there: celery, onions, broccoli, and even leafy greens like spinach, kale, and watercress.

So what do you do when eating healthy veggies translates to a fart-y, bloated you? Well, you can do a range of things including taking the time to chew your veggies thoroughly and taking probiotics to help heal your gut.

But my advice is to simply juice your veggies. Vegetable juices are very easy to digest since the juicing process removes the fiber and cellulose, making things much easier on your digestive system.


Vegetables don’t have much sugar, especially the veggies that grow above ground. And even if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, that’s not as bad as it sounds.

mistakes when juicing for weight loss

Fruit juices are so delicious because they have tons of sugar.

And even though the sugar in fruit is all natural, it still isn’t the best idea to consume hundreds of grams of it per day.

Sure, you’ll get the vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that are great for your body – but you’re also supplying your body with a lot more sugar than it needs.

And the thing about juicing fruit is that you hardly even notice how much sugar you’re consuming. To make one simple glass of pure fruit juice it often takes 2-3 apples, handfuls of grapes and strawberries, a few oranges and so on.

Whereas the fiber in the fruit would fill you up and naturally prevent you from consuming too much of its sugar goodness, juicing removes the fiber from the fruit, making it all too easy to ingest a ton of sugar in just a few glasses of freshly pressed juice, and overdue it on sugar.

On the other hand, vegetables are naturally low in sugar. You can drink numerous glasses of vegetable juice per day (might also have some benefits to keep you young) – getting all the various nutritional benefits they bestow – and not worry about overdoing it on sugar. Not all fruits are the same – find out the best low sugar, high nutrient fruits to juice!


super greens to juice

Mother Nature is the epitome of abundance. A true artist, she creates such a vast range of nutritious artwork that we could eat our whole lives and still not have tasted everything. There are just so many choices of real food out there! But most of us stick to the same old foods.

Why? Well, if you’re anything like me, there are probably a bunch of veggies you’ve shied away from simply ’cause you have no idea how to prepare them.

Many a times, I’ve resolved to expand the range of vegetables I consume and branch out of the same old carrots, broccoli, and celery routine and so many times I’ve failed simply ’cause I don’t know how and don’t have the time to figure out how to properly prepare and cook all those veggies into something resembling an edible meal.

Juicing changed that. Almost overnight. Suddenly, I became a fearless explorer in the produce aisle. I ventured bravely into farmer’s markets. I am now a regular at the local Chinatown’s biggest produce store.

Juicing allows you to try every kind of vegetable you might have previously shied away from. Even if you’re wary about trying out new tastes, you can easily integrate just a few, new exotic veggies with your tried-and-tested favorites to easily create new recipes you just might fall in love with.


super greens to juice

We all know that we should eat more vegetables, but in all honesty – who has the time?

Preparing a delicious bowl of salad, grilling carrots to perfection, steaming some spinach – all this takes time and there’s only so much you can eat in one meal. You’re going to have to do it all over again for your next meal…

Juicing sort of eliminates that. With juicing, you can easily meet your daily recommended intake of vegetables each and every day…with just a glass or two.

These days, I’ve already consumed my recommended dose of veggies by 10 AM. Everything else I eat after that is just gravy on top.


benefits of juicing vegetables

One of the biggest benefits of juicing vegetables is that veggies are naturally alkalizing in your body. In general, people who eat more acidic foods have more health issues. Acidic environments can make it harder for your body to fight off disease and to reverse any disease processes you may already have. This could lead to digestive issues, joint pain and allergies.

Naturally alkalizing foods such as vegetables and fruits can help maintain the pH balance in your body, and help you feel healthier overall. And whereas both fruits and veggies have alkalizing properties – vegetables win. Check any list of the top alkali-forming foods and you’ll notice that vegetables take up the huge majority.

As Daniel Reid notes in the Tao of Detox – “The swiftest and most effective dietary alkalizers are freshly extracted raw vegetables juices.”

Veggie juice is the easiest, tastiest route to alkalize your system and maintain the necessary pH balance that translates to optimal health. I’ll drink to that!

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