Top 10 Gift Ideas for Juicers

If you have a friend or family member who is into juicing, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of great gift ideas out there for people who love this healthy diet trend. Here are our top ten favorites. Check them out and see which one is perfect for the juicer in your life!

Is there a special juicer in your life who has a birthday or other gift-deserving occasion coming up?

Here’s a list of fun juicing-related gift ideas to please any juicer 🙂

#1 A Great Juicing Book

If there’s one thing every avid juicer (and especially newbie juicers) can use – it’s a beautiful, helpful juicing book. Here are our 3 top picks..

best juicing books

Boasts over 400 juice recipes organized by key ingredients, by nutrients provided, and even by health benefits. Full of stunning pictures. A must-have.

juicing books

Along with 350 juice recipes, this super juicing book also comes with detailed, useful information about a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

green juicing book

Of all the juices out there, green juicing is hands down the most popular. And this book provides a simple, beautifully illustrated guide to juicing a variety of greens – some recipes don’t even require a juicer.

Does your juicer already have these books? Check out more of the best juicing books!

#2 The Gift of Healthy Soda

What’s better than cold, fizzy soda pop?

Cold, fizzy soda pop that’s chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients! Oh, and without all the nasty stuff that actual soda contains (high fructose corn syrup? yea, no thanks).

SodaStream allows you to gift the juicer in your life very instant, very carbonated water to mix with their favorite juice recipes.

It gives every juice combo an extra zing and is especially perfect if the juicer in your life is also overcoming a soda addiction.


Wheatgrass juice is around 70% blood-purifying chlorophyll, plus it’s been found to have over 100 elements needed by man. It may not be the best-tasting of juices – but it’s without a doubt one of the most beneficial.

If the juicer in your life doesn’t have a juicer that can juice wheatgrass – most centrifugal juicers like Jack Lalanne and Breville juicer cannot – why not gift them their very own wheatgrass juicing kit?

This Moongiantgo Wheatgrass Juicer literally has everything they need (including a wheatgrass juicer):

  • Stainless steel
  • Used for veggies: wheatgrass, celery, kale, spinach … 
  • Also suitable for fruits
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

Get it on Amazon!

#4 Gorgeous Straws

Nothing spruces up a glass of fresh juice (or smoothie) like a gorgeous straw. If you’re thinking that straws make a funny kind of gift – trust us, the juicer (or smoothie fan) in your life will love ’em. They’ll especially appreciate the fact that they’re not plastic, totally re-useable and toxin-free. Here are the best ones:

juicing gifts

Lovely glass straws with a slight bent – very break-resistant, especially considering they’re made of glass.

juicing gifts straws

Colorful glass straws – with bubbles on ’em! Perfect for people who are juicing with their kids or for those who just appreciate color in their lives.

best juicing gifts

This one’s our personal favorite – ’cause nothin’s more bada** than sipping green juice out of a stainless steel straw 🙂

#5 An Awesome Blender

Juicing is great, but blending helps fill in the gaps that juicing misses and vice versa. Take the unjuiceable fruits and veggies, for example – having a handy blender lets you instantly blend those right into your fresh juices.

The best, handiest blender is the Nutri Ninja Pro Blender – it’s super powerful and very convenient. Just blend some unjuiceable fruits and veggies, add in your fresh juice, blend for 10 seconds and drink straight out of the cup.

Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, Auto-iQ Technology, 1100-Peak-Watts, for Frozen Drinks, Smoothies, Sauces & More, with (2) 24-oz. To-Go Cups & Spout Lids, Cloud Silver
  • ULTIMATE POWER: 1100-peak-watt motor powers through the toughest ingredients and pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks, smoothies, sauces, and more
  • 2 VERSATILE PROGRAMS: 2 Auto-iQ preset programs are uniquely timed for smoothies & crushed ice - remove the guesswork with easy one-touch results.
  • NUTRIENT EXTRACTION: Unlock hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies. Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. By blending whole fruits and vegetables including portions that are usually discarded.

The Ninja is probably the easiest, best blender to use alongside a juicer. Extra perk? It hardly takes up any counter space – more room for the juicer 🙂

#6 Veggie Pasta Maker

best juicing gifts

We’re going to guess that the juicer in your life is pretty into healthy eating 🙂

And if that’s the case – they’re probably always on the lookout for simple ways to cut out the least nutritious foods from their diet. Well, this one’s one of the best tools to help them do just that – the veggie pasta maker creates noodles from a huge variety of veggies, including zucchini, cucumbers, squash, radish, sweet potatoes, carrots, and more.

Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer, Strongest-and-Heaviest Spiral Slicer, Best Veggie Pasta Spaghetti Maker for Keto/Paleo/Non-Gluten, Comes with 4 Recipe Ebooks
  • Quality Above All - Stronger Than Ever – Spiralizer is the Brand people have come to trust and rely on. Our New 3rd Generation model is 30-35% stronger than any of the others on the market GUARANTEED! Our 420 high carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blades and stronger ultra reinforced ABS make it possible to spiralize harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips that previously broke spiralizer handles
  • Never Get Bored On A Keto/low Carb, Paleo, Raw, Vegan, Or Gluten-free Diet Again - Start Making Healthy Gourmet Meals As Soon As You Get It - You'll get an excellent recipe e-book filled with nutritious, mouth-watering meal ideas the whole family will love!

It’s the perfect addition to any juicer’s healthy eating gadgets! Get it on Amazon.

#7 Kitchen Tools

When you’re juicing a lot… there’s a lot of produce prep involved. And whereas the drinking the juice part is fun – the produce prep? Not so much. Help the juicer in your life whiz through the boring part with these helpful tools…


best juicing gifts

This strawberry stem remover by Chef’n is the cutest little kitchen accessory that will cut your strawberry-stem removing work by half the time (at least). Get it on Amazon!


pineapple corer

This is a handy little pineapple cutter lets you peel, core, and slice your pineapples in one go. It is amazing and an absolute must-have addition to your kitchen, whether you juice or not. Get it on Amazon!


apple peeler

The downside to apples is the peeling (if non-organic), coring, and slicing – hugely time consuming. This handy little crank peels, cores, and slices your apples for you. Simply brilliant. Get it on Amazon.

#8 Juicing on the Go Supplies

One thing every juicer is going to want to do at some point is: take their juices on the go. Here are the supplies you can get them to help them do just that…



Sturdy and with nice, tight lids that seal tight enough to prevent oxidation.


Light-weight, very affordable and roomy enough to comfortably hold at least a day’s worth of juice.

If you know a juicer who likes to juice a lot, but doesn’t have the supplies to travel with fresh juice, get him or her a “freezer” tote to take juices on the go! This little bag is large enough to store quite a few jars of juices and it’s perfect for both sexes. Order it now!

#9 Grow Your Own Juicing Stash

Buying fruits, veggies and herbs to juice definitely adds up. So why not help the juicer in your life save some green by growing their own? Here are 3 great ways…



Grow your own microgreens right on your windowsill – the pot’s as pretty as it’s functional.


This cute and very functional veggie growing kit lets you grow your own Kale, Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Mizuna), Raddish, and Amaranth.


grow basil at home

This awesome smartpot basically grows strawberries and herbs all by itself – just plug it in and watch it grow!

Funky Veg Kit

Plant Theatre Funky Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Grow Kit with 6 Unique Varieties of Vegetable Seeds, Pots, Peat, and Markers - Gardening Gifts for Outdoor or Indoor Garden
  • MULTIPLE VARIETIES - These veggie garden seeds come in 6 different types – purple carrots, Rubine Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, golden courgette plants, and rainbow chard.
  • ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED - All the pots, peat, plants, seeds & bulbs you could ask for! This kit includes 5 pots, 5 peat discs, 5 markers, seeds, and handy tips on the art of growing your own indoor plants to put on any plant stand.
  • FLAVORFUL FARMING - Ready to add some color to your kitchen? The seeds in this vegetable garden starter kit give you a large variety of flavors to complete your culinary creations.

This awesome gift box basically grows funky veggies all by itself!

#10 A Top-of-the-Line Juicer

If this gift is for someone you especially love, the absolute best juicing gift is a top-of-the-line juicer. These are the sorts of juicers most of us will hesitate to splurge on for ourselves but will be ecstatic to receive.

Here are the best:


green star juicer

This is one of the best juicers. Ever. As they say, it is the only juicer you’ll ever need. It does everything. It juices wheatgrass, sprouts, and all other leafy greens amazingly well. It makes nut butters. It makes sorbets. It makes pasta and breadsticks. It even makes baby food. And best of all – it gives you around twice as much juice per veggie as you’ll get with your average centrifugal juicer.

If you’re wanting to give a big gift to the juicer in your life, this is the ideal gift.

Get the best price on Amazon!


super angel juicer

A beauty in all stainless steel – the Angel juicer is like the Lamborghini of juicers.

It sports large metal gears to extract every drop of juice out of every fruit and veggie and it’s especially great for leafy greens (as well as wheatgrass and sprouts).

It’s an absolutely top of the line juicer…with a price tag to match. 

Get the best price on Amazon!

More Healthy gifts & Juicing Gift Ideas


gifts for juicers
gifts for juicers

Funny, cute, and practical (everyone needs clothes, right?) – the perfect gift for the juicer you love. 


Words of wisdom from a mason jar to keep your juicer chugging along through the most stressful of times, aka the holidays. Makes the perfect additional gift to include with a juicer!

Check it out on Amazon!


Guaranteed to bring a smile to your juicer’s face every time they step into the kitchen 🙂

Get the best deal on Amazon!


Want to add a little extra oomph to your juicer’s healthy lifestyle? You can’t go wrong with a gift box of superfoods!

Get it on Amazon!


Snag it on Amazon!

Final thoughts on juicing gifts

Juicing is a great way to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, but it can be expensive. If you’re looking for juicer gift ideas or want to buy yourself one as a reward for all the hard work you put in this year, here are some helpful tips!

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a very own juicing kit so they can enjoy fresh juice anytime they want without having to worry about finding ingredients. Happy shopping!

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