Our Top 10 Juicing Bottles Recommendations

Often we need to juice ahead and prepare. But where to put all that juice? It’s important that it is being kept in an airtight container, so no oxidation can happen. Also sometimes we want to freeze our juices for later use. 

On this page we look at the top 10 juicing bottles we could find and present you with the main benefits but also the drawbacks. Have a browse if you find the right bottle for you.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the top 10 juicing bottles we have found. We will feature the official product review for each, the pros and cons as well as one of the reviews that we thought stuck out. 

In reverse order:

Top 10 – 8 pack glass juicing bottles

[ 8 Pack ] 16 OZ Glass Juicing Bottles w Airtight Lids & 2 Straws & 2 Lids w Hole - Reusable Drinking Jars, Travel Water Cups - Tall Mason Jar for Juice, Boba, Smoothie, Tea, Kombucha, Homemade Drinks
  • ★Product Includes - 8 pack 16oz (480ml) clear glass bottles with 8 WHITE airtight lids, 2 white lids with hole, 2 stainless steel wide straws, 1 straw brush, 8 white labels. These bottles are packaged in bubble bags with grid-shaped partition and thick carton box to prevent damage in transport


  • This pack of 8 comes with 2 metal straws and a cleaner for the straw
  • Bottles are made out of glass
  • Great capacity at 16oz (480ml) 
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The lids are made from plastic 

Representative review from a user:

“Very cute simple glass jars. Perfect drinking glasses, love the leakproof lids for taking on the go. Kid friendly, my son loves using the metal straw which comes with the perfect size brush for easy cleaning. Would definetly recommend”

Top 9 – 22 pack of 12oz juice bottles with caps

Outkitkit 22pcs 12oz Plastic Juice Bottles with Caps, Reusable Plastic Bottles with Lids for Juicing Bottles, Smoothie Bottles and Other Beverages Containers
  • 🧃CONTAINS: 22 plastic juice bottles with black tamper evident caps, labels, funnel and brush. Bottom diameter: 2.1in, height: 6.4in. 12oz empty plastic bottles with lids are ideal for home and company juices, iced tea, smoothies, coffee and milkshakes.
  • 🧃TAMPER EVIDENT CAP: A one-time tamper evident cap ensures that no one has ever drunk your drink. The bottle cap opening diameter is 1.58". You can add ice or fruits at will.

These bottles can be used if you’re selling your own juice at a farmer’s market, for example. But are also a great alternative to give your kids to school as they survive a fall since they’re made out of plastic.


  • Watertight seal
  • BPA free
  • Includes 24 labels


  • Handwash only

Representative review:

“I buy large bottles of juice from Costco but the bottles are too tall for my refrigerator. These give me a way to store smaller portions and I can grab and go. I also use them for bottled water and I’ve frozen juice and ice tea without a problem. Because they’re square, they’re easy to store.”

Top 8 – 12 juice bottles at 8oz – perfect for a school day

8 oz Juice Bottles with Caps for Juicing (12 pack) - Reusable Clear Empty Plastic Bottles - 8 Oz Drink Containers for Mini Fridge, Juicer Shots - Mini Water Bottles - Includes Labels, Brush & Funnel
  • 8 oz Plastic Bottles with Caps: Our PET smoothie prep containers are 100% BPA-free. Unlike glass, our bottle is light-weight, shatter-proof, and freezer safe. If you plan to reuse our juicing bottles, hand-wash well with warm water, soap, and the included brush. Our small bottles for drinks are not dishwasher safe.

Similar to Top 9, but a bit smaller. The same company actually offers multiple sizes, too. Here you’ll find the and the .


  • Ideal size for your kids to take to school
  • Crack-resistant lids, no spilling
  • 100% BPA free
  • Freezer safe


  • Handwash only

Representative review:

“I got these for my kiddos, they feel very sturdy and well made. They don’t feel cheap or flimsy. The lids actually lock on the first time you put them on. Bottles were all individually wrapped in the packaging. The plastic is super clear, not cloudy at all. Cute 8oz size.”

Top 7 – 24 juice bottles that hold 12oz

Plastic Juice Bottles with Caps, 24pcs 12oz Round Reusable Clear Containers with Black Tamper Evident Lids for Juicing, Smoothies, Travel and Selling Products
  • CONTAINS: 24pcs plastic juice bottles with black tamper evident caps, labels and funnel. Bottom diameter: 19.97in, height: 9.67in. 12oz empty round reusable clear containers with lids are ideal for home and company juices, iced tea, smoothies, coffee and milkshakes.
  • TAMPER EVIDENT CAP: A one-time tamper evident cap ensures that no one has ever drunk your drink. The bottle cap opening diameter is 1.38".

These are designed a bit differently and have an elegant thin look to them. These also can be used for selling. 


  • Come with 24 labels
  • Air-tight seal
  • Safe for dishwasher (up to 140°F/60° C)


  • Might be too tall for some fridges (9.6 inch high)

Representative review from the site:

“I bought these to create sensory bottles, and they were perfect! I did a ton of research before finding these gems. They’re the perfect size and shape, clear plastic, and they do not leak! The locking cap is key! The kids in my class shake them often, and so far, so good!

Top 6 – Shots! Shots! Shots! 16 shot bottles!

Juice Shot Bottles Kit - The Juicing Shots Bundle Includes 2oz Clear Glass Jars, Leakproof Lids, Funnel, Recipes, Stickers, Markers - Make Wellness Beverages Easy for Health, Cleanse & Detox
  • MADE BY JUICE LOVERS - This kit has everything you need to start making the best liquid wellness shooters at home. If you’re a juicing pro, this kit will help you get inspired again. Our best in the industry bottles, recipes, and instruction will turn you into a rockstar in no time.

These are perfect for juice shots. Some health-boosting juices are so strong, it’s difficult to drink a full glass of them. Now you can make your own “ginger and turmeric” shots for example. Make a whole batch and store them in the fridge for the coming days. 


  • Includes a recipe book!
  • Includes funnel, stickers, and a pen.
  • 2 oz clear glass bottles


  • Plastic caps only

Representative review from the site:

“A Nice Set. Sturdy Little Bottles. I am using these for juice shots, espresso and oil infusions with herbs. They are perfect for my needs. Comes with everything, except a bottle brush. Overall, I am happy with the set. I need a variety of shapes and sizes.”

Top 5 – Mason Jar Cups with Lids and Straws

Prerrysurpasse Mason Jar Cups with Lids and Straws - 6Pack 24oz Reusable Wide Mouth Smoothie Cups, Iced Coffee Cups,Ball Mason Jars Glass Cups, Travel Glass Drinking Bottle,Bubble Tea Cup
  • 【High Quality Mason Jars】: Mason jar drinking cup is made of high quality glass, with food grade plastic mason jar lids and 304 stainless steel straws. Free of BPA, phthalate and PVC, you can use our boba smoothie cup to store food and beverage with confidence. reusable and environmentally friendly. Wash and keep dry after using


  • Includes 6 metal straws
  • Ideal for a (kids) party to share some juice
  • Great to take juice with you on the go, fit in the car cup holder!


  • Plastic caps
  • All caps have an opening for the straw, so not great for storage

Representative review from the site:

“We wanted some higher capacity glasses and the addition of lids and reusable straws make these great for tossing in the car cup holder on the go.”

Top 4 – Kook Glass Carafe Pitchers

Kook Glass Carafe Pitchers, Beverage Dispensers, Clear Jugs For Mimosas, Water, Wine, Milk and Juice, with Plastic Lids, Dishwasher Safe, 35 oz (Set of 3)
  • Wine, juice and more! Add a touch of class to your kitchen table or home bar. These jugs are perfect for serving wines, juices, water milk and everything in between

These are less portable, but with 35oz provide a great size for the dinner table. They come in a set of 3. 


  • Come with lids (air tight)
  • Can also be used for water or other fluids, not just juice
  • Durable glass 
  • Elegant design


  • A bit on the pricier side

Representative review:

“Used at my Bestfriends bridal shower. Great size and they come with lids I got the clear plastic lids and they still looked cute. They made my juice bar look fantastic I recommend 100%. They are easy to clean too.”

Top 3 – Kitchen Lux 18oz Glass Bottles

Kitchen Lux 18oz Glass Water Bottles – Pack of 4 Nylon Protective Sleeves, Airtight Screw Top Lids, Portable Carrying Loops - Lead, PVC and BPA Free - Water, Milk, Smoothie, Juice Beverage Glasses (4)
  • ECO FRIENDLY, FRESH TASTING, TOXIN FREE: Say no to plastic! Glass is BPA, lead, PVC and toxin free and has no components that can affect the taste of your beverage. Plus it's better for the environment too!


  • Portable Carrying Loops
  • Stylish bottles with protective sleeve
  • Dishwasher safe as made out of glass


  • Lid has to be hand-washed

Representative review from the site:

I really love using these glass bottles. They come with insulated sleeves making the glass container more protected. Both the bottle and it’s sleeve have a handle strap making it convenient to grab and carry. Holds 18 ounces which I find is a perfect amount for my smoothies I regularly make. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of the glass container, the weight, the lid with the strap nor the sleeve that comes with. 

Top 2 – Chef’s Star 18 Oz Glass Juicing Bottles – 6 pack

Chef's Star 18 Oz Clear Glass Water Bottles, Reusable Glass Juicing Bottles with Protection Sleeve and Stainless Steel Leak Proof Lids, Set of 6
  • Purity in every sip - Keep your water crisp and your juice delicious. Our juicing bottles are made with high quality glass for uncompromised purity
  • Juicing prep made easy - Enjoy freshly squeezed juice or a delicious smoothie with a clear glass water bottle set that makes juicing and smoothie prep fun and simple! The clear glass helps you quickly spot the drink you're in the mood for

These also come in a 12-pack, which you . The protective sleeves make these bottles the perfect item for outdoor activities like hiking. A fresh juice is a great pick me up after a good hike. 


  • Comes with 6 protection sleeves
  • Each cap has a carrying loop
  • No plastic – dishwasher safe


  • No cleaning brush included

Representative review:

“These bottles are exactly what I was looking for in order to prepare a juice fast. I don’t like plastic, so I was looking for glass specifically. I bought the 12 bottles so I was able to do two entire days of juice and keep it refrigerated.”

Top 1 – 6 Brieftons juice bottles for 18oz

These bottles will look stunning in your fridge or when you bring them out to a picnic with friends. They hold all kinds of juices and are even fit to hold carbonated water. A clear winner and also they come with a very affordable price tag!


  • Come with a bottle cleaner brush
  • Include free juicing ebooks
  • Glass bottles and metal caps – great sustainability
  • Strong and sturdy glass


  • Caps include a plastic part (to seal the bottle) which can get lost

Representative review from the site:

“Absolutely what I was looking for. Thanks to all the reviewers that convinced me to try this item. The two boxes came in, washed them and filled them with filtered water, bye bye plastic! The brush that comes with them works perfectly, but I won’t be needing it often as I only put water in there. And if I could describe them so, I would say they look elegant in my fridge!”

juicing bottles

Summary – our top 10 Juicing Bottles

There you have it, no matter if you just want something nice to present your juice in on the table or if you have a buffet to organize, we know you’ll find the right juicing bottles from the selection within this page.

Happy juicing!

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