Nama Juicer Black Friday Sale: Save Big on these Top-Rated Juicers!

Looking to buy a top-rated juicer at a fraction of the price? Then you don’t want to miss the Nama Juicer Black Friday sale! This is your chance to save big on one of the best juicers on the market. Nama Juicer is known for its high-quality products and amazing customer service, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal. Don’t wait – this sale ends soon!

Two Types of Juicers

When purchasing a juicer, remember that it comes in two kinds: 

Centrifugal juicers cut produce with a high-speed blade and often emit heat that may harm or remove nutrients from meals. 

Cold press masticating juicers, on the other hand, use a device to crush and squeeze products, resulting in fresh juice that retains all of their natural nutrients. These devices are also referred to as “slow juicers” since it takes longer for them to squeeze every last drop of juice.

Studies indicate that masticating is better than centrifugal because it involves minimal foaming and oxidation and yields around 30% more than centrifugal juicers. These juicers often require more time and energy to operate, as well as being more costly—as a result, they are best suited to dedicated machines and people who do not mind waiting.

The Nama Juicers are masticating juicers that grind or chew up fruits and vegetables, then push them through a filter to extract the juice. 

Why Purchase Nama Juicers?

Fresh juices are an excellent way to hydrate and supplement your nutrients. Studies suggest that eating fresh vegetables has considerable health advantages. Those who consumed fruits and vegetables at least five times a day had a 10% reduced risk of dying from cancer and a 35% lower chance of dying from respiratory disorders.

Purchasing juice, particularly green juice, may be costly, and juicers are sometimes clumsy, difficult to clean, and take up additional kitchen space. That is why I highly recommend NAMA cold press juicers. 

The Nama juicer is also exceptionally simple to clean, taking no longer than three minutes. You don’t have to extract dry juice pulp from every nook and cranny of the machine. It offers features that make cleaning quick and easy, which we really enjoy.

Nama Juicer

Making Fresh Juice at Home

The Nama Cold Press Juicer wowed users with its ability to easily make tasty, consistent juice with minimum clean-up. Also, has a low-maintenance equipment that produces high-quality results at a reasonable cost. It whipped up fruits and vegetables into juices smoothly and effortlessly.

Is it worth the hype?

Nama juicer cold press juices may be a highly helpful addition to your everyday routine. Cold press juice may help us in a variety of ways, including:

1. Micronutrient and vitamin intake will increase.

2. Cold pressed juice is easily digestible by our systems.

3. It is the simplest approach to increasing your intake of fruits and veggies.

4. Immune system stimulation is secured.

5. Total hydration will increase.

6. Delicious phytonutrient-rich tastes, particularly when we juice brilliant, deep-colored fruits and veggies, will be gained.

7. It provides the body with dietary fiber and beneficial enzymes.

One of the Nama Juicers Collection, the Nama J2, perhaps one of the most well-known juicers in the globe especially now, has a fantastic reputation and is well regarded. However, in today’s world, many things are characterized more by their marketing than by their real quality. So, let us see whether it is really deserving of its popularity.

Nama Juicer Black Friday Sale Deals

1. Vitality 5800 | J1 Cold Press Juicer

Pros: This device was simple to clean, install, and operate, and it provided the most reliable, smooth juice devoid of pulp.

Cons: When processing harder materials, this machine sometimes creates a little squeaking noise.

Warranty: 10 years on the motor, 2 years on the rest of the components

Power: 150 watts

This juicer saves time on prep by not requiring you to chop fruits and veggies into very thin bits, thanks to its bigger feeding funnel. It is  simple to put together since each component is properly labeled. Also it makes  the smoothest juices with the best consistency, and every glass was tasty and fresh with little pulp.

Moreover, it  seemed solid, and the no-drip nozzle made cleanup a breeze. This cold press juicer includes three different strainers, giving you the ability to prepare nut milk, shakes, and desserts. Despite how simple to use and clean this machine is, we observed some squeaky sounds while processing more thick components.


The Vitality 5800 | J1 Juicer produces up to 60% extra juice from the same quantity of ingredients as standard high-speed juicers. It has a built-in safety switch that automatically switches off if the hopper is placed incorrectly.

Also has a 4 rubber feet for stability, and the juice container can hold 40 oz. while the pulp container can hold 60 oz. For easier storage, the juice container fits inside the pulp container. It also has a 10-year motor warranty and a 2-year warranty on all parts when used for regular and intended household use.

Within the warranty period, if your Nama product has a defect in product material or workmanship, or an outcome of typical wear and tear from its usual intended household use. Nama support will fix or replace the damaged item.

The Nama Vitality 5800 is a high-priced juicer targeted at serious juice aficionados willing to spend a premium for a juicer that operates effectively and gets maximum juice yields. It produces clear, smooth juices with little froth and may also be used to prepare smoothies and sorbet.

Although it is small and easy to use, the pieces cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is more than just a juicer. More than that it is a multi-purpose mixer with 3 distinct strainers that allows you to consume more plants in more ways. The quality and quantity of drink you get from the Nama are well worth the money.

Nama Juicer Black Friday

2. J2 Cold Press Juicer

Pros: The J2 distinction is in how you juice. In most juicers, ingredients are fed one at a time; with the J2, you load all the ingredients once and may walk away.

Cons: It is more expensive than the Nama J1 Juicer, and while the J1 has three strainers, it only has two for juices and smoothies.

Warranty: 10-15 years on the motor, 2 years on the rest of the components

Both the J1 and J2 produce high-quality, cold-pressed juice as well as other products, but while the Vitality 5800 | J1 feeds the ingredients one at a time, the J2 loads once and you may walk away. This will give you some more time to do other chores while you are waiting for your beverage to replenish your day.


So if you’re not yet familiar with the Nama J2 and want to learn more about it, we’ll start by going over the features that have helped it become so well-known in the juicer world.

To begin with, it is remarkable because it is a self-feeding juicer. As an outcome, ingredients placed in a chamber on the unit’s top are juiced automatically once the unit is turned on, with no need for supervision. This obviously saves time because you don’t have to wait next to the J2 putting the ingredients one at a time for approximately five to fifteen minutes.

Instead, it does all of the work by itself, resulting in such a smooth process that undoubtedly contributes to the J2’s popularity. And even if you leave the work to just the machine, you will still get great flavors, more colors, and more juice for you and your family.

It is also well-made from a variety of high-quality BPA-free plastic products and comes with a good selection of accessories. There will definitely be a lot of less preparation. Hands free and stress free cleaning juicing adventures with the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer at home.


There are several juicer options available in your area or online. But, despite the fact that they are all named Juice, the similarities stop there. Cold press juice produced with a Nama juicer may take a bit longer each day, but the work is well worth it.

The resultant cold press juice is a delightful and healthy approach to replenish our bodies with vitamins, water, minerals, and immune-boosting phytonutrients on a daily basis. To get a hold of one or both of the Nama Juicers and make the best deal. Don’t fail to participate in the Nama Juicer Black Friday Sale for this year!

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