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Look Good Naked
Juicing For Weight Loss

Want to Shed Massive Fat, Gain Mega Energy, and Look Good Naked? (All without starving or depriving yourself)
A 2017 study showed that just a 3-day juicing diet changes our microbiota in a way that is associated with weight loss. [UCLA study]
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What Will You Get From This Book?

In just a few weeks you will step on a scale and be impressed by the fast progress and how great you feel. This book gives you all you need to make the right deicions when juicing. In other words, you’ll become an expert at getting the most bang for your caloric buck!

Sustainable weight loss

That’s why this book isn’t about losing “7 pounds in 7 days” through extreme methods – we want you to lose more than water weight and do so in a way that’s healthy and sustainable.

Fuel Smart

You’ll learn exactly how to harness the power of a huge variety of fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, detoxification-aiding foods.

Fill Up to Burn Fat

You don’t need to go hungry in order to burn fat – you’ll learn how to make juices and smoothie that fill you up, fuel your body and metabolize fat faster.

Avoid Every Weight Loss Pitfall

There are some common mistakes that can actually result in weight gain – you’ll find out smart ways to avoid each and every one of these pitfalls.

Deeply Nourish

You’ll find out how to give your body a wealth of all the nutrients it needs including heaps of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, as well as fat-burning proteins and healthy fats – while keeping your caloric intake low.

Learn about nutrients

Nourish your body with a wide array of life-giving nutrients. Gently detox overworked organs and find pathways of fat elimination and gradually shifting your mindset to that of a healthy, naturally slim person.

What's Included:

Look Good Naked ebook cover of the book on different screens
  • Common juicing mistakes that could result in weight gain (p. 12)
  • Meal replacement smoothies (p. 54)
  • High nutrition, low cal recipes (ch. 9)
  • How juicing will help with weigh-loss (p. 8)
  • Intro to weight loss smoothies (ch. 5)
  • Best foods to juice to lose weight (p. 20-38)
  • Tips that will help you succeed (ch. 8)
  • Fat burning smoothies that fill you (ch. 10)

Who This Book Is For?

This book is full of great juicing for weight loss advice that be beneficial for almost anyone.

Absolute Beginners

You have just heard about juicing as a means for weight loss and want to learn all about the health benefits that come with it.

Owners of a juicer that gathers dust

You had a try but the juice that you produced was just not tasty so you stopped. Get the book and make delicious juicer masterpieces in no time!

Regular juicers

You know about the healthy benefits and are a regular juicers. Now learn how to effectively utilise juicing for weight loss.
Ready to Look and Feel Amazing in Your Body? In just a few minutes, you’ll know everything we know to transform your body into a slimmer, wonderfully nourished version of yourself. What are you waiting for?

Book Reviews

Don't just take our word for it:
"After reading the book and trying out some of its recipes for a week, I can say they are well-put together. The first recipe to be tried was a fat burning apple carrot juice with celery which made me feel great after drinking it!"
Anna M.
"The book was really great! It had clear, concise information that I found to be very helpful. The author also stressed the importance of exercise and eating healthy. Her message made such sense; now after reading this first chapter alone, there are some things from my everyday lifestyle i'll have analyse more closely than before."
Eric P.
Bike Shop Owner
"The author has done an excellent job with the layout and included several yummy recipes. I was particularly happy to read about juices that can boost one's energy, cleansing juice series as well as a belly fat busting drink! That will definitely come in handy. "
Fran A.
"The author has really outdone themselves with this book. There are so many delicious combinations that I just can't wait to try them all! One of my favorites is "Belly Fat Busting Juice Recipe." The title says it all, doesn’t it? "
"I ordered this book because I wanted to start juicing and didn’t have a clue where or how to start. The recipes are extremely easy to follow and I love the fact that the names highlight what the recipe is used for ie “fat burning”."
HR Partner

About The Author

Hannah is the author of this book. She is also the mastermind behind the successful JustJuice.org website. Years of experience reviewing different juicer or trying out new recipes have found their way into this book. It all started with an ailment where drinking freshly created juice was the solution.

But this ended up not being the only benefit. Hannah noticed more and more changes to her body and discovered that juicing can be so much more than just "a tasty drink". She started to get serious about her juicing journey and here we are.