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Juicing for Acne: Does it Work?


We’ve come so far. We’ve sent men (and women) to the moon, made an HIV prevention pill, and we might even have discovered the Higgs boson…but we still don’t know the exact cause of acne.

We all have ideas, of course – keep your skin clean, your pores clean, don’t pick your skin, don’t stress yourself, avoid irritating soaps and skin products, drink more water…so many suggestions, but no one can peg exactly what it is that causes these miserable little buggers to wreak havoc on your face.

I personally started getting acne in my twenties, which was devastating since I’d had clear skin my entire life and had no idea what to do.

It continued for a few years and I tried absolutely everything to try to make it go away: antibiotics (didn’t work), Differin (didn’t work), Proactiv (didn’t work and severely dried out my skin), Accutane (worked like a charm but acne came back in a year), Retin-A cream (works well to control occasional breakouts as well as for fine lines – I still keep a tube handy).

After I’d exhausted my fix-it-quick options, I turned toward where the problem may actually lie – my lifestyle. Thanks to acne, I realized that for many of us who suffer from breakouts (or other health problems) – the cause is mostly internal and seeking an external fix may work (i.e. Accutane) but it’s temporary and ultimately, not worth the toll on the rest of our body (IMHO).

Nowadays, my acne solution lies almost completely with what I put in my body rather than what I put on it. There are foods I’ve started eating regularly to keep acne away (i.e. kelp, avocado, beetroot).

And since I don’t have the time to always prepare dishes out of these foods and eat them, I blend and juice them.

I’m happy to say I don’t have acne anymore, although I still get occasional breakouts of 3 – 5 pimples (they travel in groups, those buggers) around my period and when I’m stressed and/or haven’t slept much.

As soon as I feel the breakouts coming now, I immediately start juicing for acne – using some hardcore ingredients – and it really, really helps.

What I’ve found is that there are certain nutrients that work on your behalf to target the pesky acne and incorporating them into your daily diet works better than anything else I’ve tried.

There’s no science behind this – yet – but I know from experience that certain foods definitely help acne. If you want to try juicing for acne or just for simple breakouts yourself, check out some juice recipes for acne. You’ll never know whether or not it works for you until you give it a try!

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