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5 Delicious Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

best juicer recipes for weight loss

As most of you already know, I'm not the biggest fan of just juicing for weight loss.

Even as an avid juicer myself, I know that while juicing is an awesome, convenient way to get a huge load of nutrients - you can't live off just juice.

Your body needs more than that.

So while a quickie juice fast might help you drop a few pounds in a short amount of time, if you want to lose weight and keep it off - the best way to go about it is to incorporate metabolism-boosting, digestion-supporting, energizing and nourishing juicer recipes into your everyday diet.

This is the smartest way to lose weight 'cause you'll still be giving your body the solid foods it needs (and the macronutrients it needs from them) as well as a bunch of healthy nutrients that will curb cravings and boost fat loss!

Wondering what you should be sipping for the best weight-shedding benefits?

Well, here's a roundup of some of my go-to juicer recipes for weight loss!

#1. A Deliciously Simple Low Calorie Recipe

juice recipe for weight loss

I love the simplicity of this juice recipe for weight loss. It takes minutes to prepare. It boosts digestion. It promotes skin health. It hydrates. And it's so, so, very low in calories.

It's the perfect juice recipe to start off your mornings with - sweet, refreshing, and gentle on your stomach. Oh, and did I mention how wonderful basil is for your skin?

Want a lil extra weight loss boost? Add...

Apple cider vinegar to improve digestion & increase energy

Chia seeds for high fiber & high protein to keep you feeling full longer

Coconut oil into your smoothies to boost metabolism & burn fat

#2. A Sweet & Spicy Metabolism Booster with a Kick!

weight loss juices with jalapeno

This one's for those of you who like your weight loss juices full of flavor - and not just of the sweet kind.

Digestion-boosting pineapple is the only sweet element in this juice recipe and just half of a medium-sized one is more than enough to add a palatable sweetness (without so many calories) to this metabolism boosting weight loss juice recipe.

pH-balancing lime further helps to speed up your digestion. Both cilantro and mineral-rich cucumber add hydration and a dose of chlorophyll.

As for the jalapeno - these chili peppers warm up your system, improve circulation and kick your metabolism into gear.

This is the perfect juice recipe for whenever you can use an energy boost, a simple digestif, or when you're juicing for weight loss!

#3. A Very Nutritious Weight Loss Juice Recipe

weight loss juice to boost metabolism

This weight loss juice recipe's got a great range of nutritious veggies - mineral-rich cukes, vitamin-A-packed carrots, chlorophyll-laden spinach, lycopene-filled tomatoes, pH-balancing lemon and metabolism-boosting jalapeno peppers.

Dill contributes a load of antioxidants as well as its high mineral content - it's one of the best herb sources of calcium - and blends deliciously well with the rest of the ingredients.

This is one weight loss juice recipe that'll fill you up and have you feeling nourished and satiated for hours.

#4. Get Your Blood Pumping with this Weight Loss Lemonade!
weight loss juice fat busting lemonade

Here’s a weight loss juice recipe that turns the classic lemonade on its head—anti-inflammatory yellow pepper, mixed with the inch of immunity-boosting, circulation-enhancing ginger, gives it a zing you’ll find nowhere else.

The apple and lemon work together to bring up your anti-oxidant count, working against the deterioration clock in your body to put off aging and beat cancers.

This is a light, sweet drink for those times when you want to do your body a favor but aren’t ready for anything intense.

It’s great for times when you have a cold, too, and will thin out your mucus and give your body a bit of a leg up in fighting common viruses. So sip up!

#5. A Serious Load of Greens (and Delicious to Boot)

weight loss juice recipes

Ever dreamed you had a waist as thin as a stalk of celery?

I hope not. That's really not appealing. But anyway - if you (like most of us) are looking for a little waistline trimming, here's one juice recipe to help move you toward that dream, especially if strong muscles, a bright complexion, and all-round healthiness was a part of that castle-in-the-air 🙂

This is a potent green juice that's gentle enough for beginners, with the rich potency of the dark green juice of spinach and kale balanced beautifully by lighter, gentler lemon and apple, two fruits which provide you lots of vitamin C and antioxidants.

This is one green monster you’ll want to invite to your home again and again.

Want more juicing recipes for weight loss?

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