Juice Cleanse Benefits: 19 Reasons to Do a Juice Cleanse

One of the biggest and most obvious juice cleanse benefits is that it acts as a big “start over” button. We want to feel light and clear-headed again after maybe a few bad days (weeks? months?) of eating unhealthily and juice cleansing presents a way to reset.

And with so many wholesome fruits and vegetables to choose from, it feels like an exciting new health adventure. Once jumping into the juice cleanse, you’ll instantaneously notice a difference. Between glowing skin, weight loss and an over abundance of vitamins and minerals, you are going to look and feel like a new person.

19 Juice Cleanse Benefits

There isn’t any wonder why fitness guru’s, celebrities, and doctors are all on board with this idea. Still skeptical? Here is a comprehensive list of all the benefits that doing a juice cleanse can do for your mind, body and soul.

Boosts weight loss

Many people do a juice cleanse for the profound amount of weight that can be lost. Though it’s not a foolproof method (you do gain some back when you start eating normally again), it’s often the perfect jumpstart to your weight loss goals, as you are eliminating a lot of unnecessary bloating and water weight.

Naturally consume tons of fruits and veggies

No more meal planning to make sure you’re eating healthy. You are getting your daily fruits and veggies (and then some!) when doing a juice cleanse. With all of the variety of produce available, you won’t be bored either!

You sleep better

A ton of fruits and veggies are a natural source of melatonin, and that means you’ll get a good night’s sleep, the natural way.

Curbs sugar cravings

So many of us crave an afternoon sugar rush. When digesting large amounts of vitamins and minerals, we curb the cravings as our body needs those nutrients more than it needs the sugar. It may sound strange, but when our body gets a well-balanced dose of chromium and other minerals, we don’t crave sugar as much.

Detoxes your gut

When you’re drinking nothing but organic produce, your gut has a chance to repair and detox, letting your body go back to it’s natural state.

No more brain fog

After the first initial days of occasional headaches and energy swings (and those may be rough) your brain starts thinking a lot clearer due to detoxifying your body of “bad foods” such as processed foods, coffee and more.

You stay hydrated

Many people do not get enough water intake during the day, which can result in headaches or overeating. Often times when you’re not drinking enough water, our bodies confuse it with hunger. With juicing, you get enough water and feel more hydrated throughout the day.

So many antioxidants

With juicing, you’re digesting a ton of antioxidants which are important in fighting off diseases – even warding off the common cold – as well as said to help ward off cancer!

You can see what’s wrong

If you were feeling a bit ill and bloated before starting a juice cleanse, you can directly see if the food that you were eating was a contributor. Sometimes we have mild allergies or digestive issues (mainly with bread, dairy, or meat products) with food and we aren’t aware of it until we take it away and feel what it’s like without them.

Congestion reduction

After going on a juice cleanse for a few days, you may notice yourself feeling less congested or stuffy. That’s due to the fact that the phytonutrients in juices are effectively cleaning off toxins from the organ walls. Many participants with years of sinus problems noted an improvement in breathing after going on a juice cleanse.

Your skin gets that glow

When your liver and kidneys are in perfect condition, so is your skin! Juice cleanses help clear out the toxins and help make your skin glow. Jam packed with so many nutrients, it seems impossible not to shine.

Healthy eating habit forming

We’ve all been in food comas due to too many carbs and sugar intake. With juicing, you are starting over from scratch, and building new super healthy eating habits for the future due to all of your fruit and vegetable intake. You get introduced to new food products that you’ve probably never tried before, and this will diversify your future food habits.

Lowers your cholesterol

Cholesterol is often created from a high fat diet such as fried foods and saturated fats. With juice cleansing, you’re able to cut out these items immediately, and jumpstart your body into absorbing all-natural nutrients found in fresh produce. You may go through withdrawal symptoms, but after a couple of days you will feel amazing.

Lowers your blood sugar

Many diabetics are turning towards juicing as a natural alternative to medicine and continuous doctors visits. Juicing for diabetes, when done appropriately with the right balance between high sugar fruits and heart healthy vegetables is an excellent way to lower blood sugar. Some diabetic patients have turned their lives around completely with doing juice cleanses to reverse diabetes symptoms.

Vitamin absorption

Many studies suggest that normal vitamin supplements are not being absorbed properly in the bloodstream. Plant-based vitamins and minerals are natural and bioavailable so our bodies can absorb them fully and easily. Plus, juicing bypasses the digestive process to get readily absorbed right into our bloodstream so you get a flood of nutrients while giving your digestive system a break.

You get heaps of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is found in leafy greens – green juice, anyone? – and provides healthy benefits in enriching your blood as it has a similar cell structure to ours. It even helps kill bacteria and heal wounds quicker.

Speaking of chlorophyll…

You may notice yourself not having as much body odor. In many studies, chlorophyll has an added side effect of eliminating body odor!

Helps with meditation

Because you’re drinking cleanly, you may feel slightly “weaker” at first. This may sound negative, but it is actually beneficial if you are meditating or praying, as it helps you get in touch with your body. Many people feel spiritually closer to their practices while doing a juice cleanse.

So much variety

Unlike other cleanses, juicing has seemingly endless possibilities with recipes, supplements, and different methods for you to get a variety of nutrients (some also good to fight acne) and flavors and textures.

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