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Hurom Juicer: Is it the Best Juicer for You? A Full, Detailed Review

hurom juicer review

Last week, a good friend and neighbor of mine splurged on a spankin’ new Hurom Slow Juicer and we had an impromptu juice party for two. I’ve owned many a great juicer in my time, but after a day of seeing what the Hurom has to offer - I have to say the Hurom juicer is in a class of its own.

I’ll tell you why in a moment, but I want to go into a little detail about exactly what a “slow juicer” is, for those of you who’re understandably confused.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with the whole “slow juicer” term, you’ll probably be aware of its other monikers. Slow juicers are also called cold press juicers or masticating juicers. You can read all about the various pros, cons, and general qualities of masticating juicers here.

Another thing you should know about the term “slow juicer” is that it’s a bit of a misnomer since the Hurom juicer is not that slow. It juices quite quickly and is only called a “slow juicer” because it operates at a low 80 RPM and uses only 150 watts of energy to do its thing (the typical centrifugal juicer operates at 1,000+ RPM and uses up to 1,500 watts of energy).

That being said, I have to add that the Hurom Slow Juicer is not going to be as fast as the typical centrifugal juicer. For starters, with the Hurom juicer, you’ll have to cut your produce into smaller pieces and feed the pieces steadily and slowly enough to not overwhelm the machine. This can be a little more time-consuming, especially if you’re used to juicers that allow you to toss in whole apples and cukes.

Still, the extra time is totally worth it since slow juicers, like the Hurom, are known to extract a lot more juice that’s of a superior quality.

Want to know how? Keep reading…

How Does the Hurom Slow Juicer Work?

Even amongst these masticating juicers, the Hurom is in a class of its own. Why? The Hurom juicer uses a patented Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) to extract juices. This method of extraction works by masticating and pressing the solids in a sort of mortar-and-pestle kind of grinding action.

This thorough crushing and pressing allows maximum release of the deep-seated nutrients and enzymes found in the foods and it also breaks up more of the phytonutrients contained in the foods, resulting in a vivid, richer-colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals.

Oh, and you get a lot more juice than from, say, the typical centrifugal machine. In fact, the juice yield from the Hurom Slow Juicer is probably the best I’ve seen, even compared to one of my other favorite juicers (the Omega series).

Although the crushing and pressing is super thorough, the Humor juicer’s slow RPM also ensures that the cellular structure of fruits and veggies is left intact – which is great news for those of you concerned about oxidation. The preservation of the cellular structure of juiced produce means intact enzymes, more nutrients, and more natural flavor.

I’ll drink to that 🙂

Hurom Juicer Pros and Cons

Every juicer comes with its pros and cons and the Hurom juicer is no exception.


  • Space. The Hurom Juicer is super space-efficient and doesn't take up much room on your countertop - a huge plus if you're a city juicer with a tiny, tiny hole of a kitchen (like me)
  • Energy. This juicer is super energy-efficient, operating at a low 80 RPM and using only 150 watts of energy.
  • Versatility. If you can eat it - you can juice it in a Hurom juicer. This juicer can juice anything including hard and soft fruits, hard veggies, 'stringy' veggies like celery, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, soybeans, etc.
  • High Juice Yield. This is one of the most important factors I look for since buying produce adds up! The Hurom juicer has extremely high juice yield, thanks to its two-stage system that first crushes the food and the presses it to extract every last drop. This extraction process translates to 35% more juice than centrifugal juicer types.
  • Very Dry Pulp. The juice from a Hurom juicer contains virtually no pulp and the pulp that comes out separately? Extremely dry.
  • Juice Quality. The Hurom makes juice with very little foam and the juice produced is smoother and doesn't separate.
  • Clean-up. The biggest issue I usually have with masticating juicers is that they take forever to clean up, but the Hurom Slow Juicer is super easy to clean! You can basically just run water through the juicer for a quick clean-up between juice batches and when you want a more thorough clean - all the parts are easy to remove and super easy to rinse, thanks to the fact that the pulp is ejected rather than whirled around the juicer. It takes all of 5 minutes to clean this entire thing after juicing and I don't even have to use soap - a huge plus in my book.
  • Great Quality, Lasting Material. Both the auger and the single strainer are made from extremely durable ULTEM plastic, which is eight times stronger than most plastics. Oh, and it's BPA-free. The motor comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Quiet. The Hurom is really, blissfully quiet.

That's a pretty lengthy list of pros, but it doesn't cover my absolute favorite thing about this juicer, which is simply that it makes the juicing experience incredibly lovely.  

Sure, it might be nothing more than aesthetics but it is gorgeous to watch your juice collect and swirl around in the juice container. Don't believe me? See for yourself and tell me you're not mesmerized...


  • Smaller Pieces. If you're used to tossing whole apples and carrots into your juicer, the biggest drawback to the Hurom juicer is going to be that you'll have to cut up some fruits and veggies into smaller pieces before feeding it through. To be fair, though, it does go faster than you think and the machine does a great job of sucking the produce into the center without even having to use the juicing pusher.
  • Jams Happen. One flaw of the Hurom juicer is that the blades can get locked up if you overwhelm it with produce. Don't push down too hard or quickly on the pieces you're feeding the machine and pace yourself when juicing harder fruits and veggies.
  • Price. Hurom juicers don't come cheap. But to be honest, they're quite affordably-priced as far as masticating juicers go, with the most affordable one being the Hurom HU-100. Considering the large amount of high-quality juice it produces and the fact that these come with a 10-year warranty - the Hurom juicers are a steal, IMHO.

This isn't so much a con as a reminder. Keep in mind that with upright, vertical juicers like the Hurom - it's not as easy to juice greens as it is with horizontal juicers like the Omega or Green Star (the flip side is that verticals are awesome with softer produce like pineapples and citrus fruits). 

So when you juice leafy greens - remember to alternate your produce. Start with leafy greens and then add apples, more greens, cucumber, etc. Just FYI 😉

The Best Hurom Juicers to Buy

Pretty much all the Hurom juicers are top-notch and share crucial features, like durable, BPA-free plastic parts, Hurom's patented Slow Squeezing Technology, easy cleaning, and overall great juice quality. 

That being said, some Hurom juicers are a little more...awesome-er than others. Here are my top picks and why they're great!


Hurom's got a fantastic range of juicers, but this one's the best. Why?

Well, it has all the usual awesome Hurom features like BPA-free plastic parts and the patented Slow Squeezing Technology, as well as a 10-year warranty. 

And like all Hurom juicers, it's also very quiet, easy to clean, and behaves like a "self-feeding" juicer so you don't have to cram and shove anything in - the auger sucks in the produce pretty much on its own. 

But this model also comes with additional perks - for one, it lets you control your pulp - which is great since you can decide how much fiber you want from your juices. If you're feeling fiber-y, simply use the "coarse" strainer and when you don't care for fiber, opt for the "fine" strainer. 

This juicer can also make smoothies which means you can use this juicer for typically un-juiceable fruits and legumes like bananas, avocado and soybeans (fresh, homemade soymilk. yum). By combining the best of both liquid nutrition worlds (juicing and blending), this Hurom juicer provides a really simple way of getting the best out of the huge diversity of fresh fruits and veggies - both the ones that are best juice and the ones best blended. 

Simply the fact that one small machine doubles as a high-quality juicer and a high-quality smoothie maker is a huge plus in my book since there's only one machine to clean, only one machine taking up room on your counter, and one machine that can take care of all your liquid nutrition needs.

See it in action below!


hurom hp juicer

This is a classic Hurom juicer and quite likely their best-selling model. It has all the usual Hurom perks like super durable parts and Slow Squeezing Technology, designed to thoroughly extract juice while preserving heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes. 

It also comes with a 10-year warranty, of course.

Other perks? Super dry pulp. Effortless clean-up (takes around 3 minutes). Extremely quiet. And like all Huroms, it pretty much juices on its own so you don't have to force feed anything in - the auger pulls the produce in on its own. This is great because you can spend your time chopping up produce while the juicer does its thing. 

Oh, and did I mention it's beautiful to look at? 

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John - February 20, 2014

What a slick machine. I also think it’s a good idea to get the Smoothie maker + the Juicer.

Juliet - September 2, 2014

Hello! Where can I buy the HU-700 for 399$? 🙂

    justjuice - September 4, 2014

    Oooh, hate to be the bearer of bad news…but you can’t currently. Apologies, as that article (and the link provided) was written a year ago and it seems like that is no longer available. I will poke around, though, and keep you posted 🙂

Rick - April 24, 2015

Now I own one. Have to say,compared to the other juicers at the same price this one is the best. Efficient and easy in use. That’s important for me, as I juice every day.

Mark - February 4, 2016

This is the best juicer, I have ever used. You can do lot of combination of fruits and vegetable juices and cleaning is so easy.

Pierre - December 9, 2016

I’d love to purchase a Hurom HZ.
Any retailer in South Africa?
Await your prompt response.

Elma Smith - April 10, 2017

After reading this article, I must say this is gonna be my one of the kitchen appliance for sure. According to price and specs I am impressed to buy this one. Thanks to the admin for this informative article.

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