Green Star Juice Extractor Review: Pros and Cons and Is it Worth the Money?

If you’re a fan of green juice, then you’ve already heard of the Green Star juicer – and for good reason. Time and time again juicers don’t meet our expectations because of their limited ability to extract juice from leafy green veggies. This is where the Green Star juicer is in a league of its own.

The Green Star juicer is specifically designed to juice your greens. Now the name makes sense, doesn’t it? The Green Star can tackle just about any fruits or veggies that you throw in its direction, but it’s particularly well-suited for juicing leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, fibrous plants and grasses, wheatgrass, and even tricky stringy and tough veggies.

green star juicer review

Critically, it is not just that it can extract green juice. It does so with ease and it also produces a high yield of juice. And that’s what we want to hear. You know that all your precious green juice has been extracted because the remaining pulp is dry. This means that you get the most nutritional value from you leafy greens with this handy juicer. You get pure pulp-free juice.

Another benefit is that the Green Star allows for continuous juicing without clogging up. Less mess and less fuss!

And it’s not just about greens…

The Green Star, despite its name, is great for making all sorts of liquid nutrition in addition to green juice. Apart from fruit and vegetable juices, this versatile juicer can be used to make nut butter, desserts, baby food, and even pasta.

You can even make mochi (rice cakes) with this incredible juicer, which may be an unnecessary add-on but if you – like me – love those little cakes (but hate how they’re usually made with white rice), you’ll love that you can customize your own healthy mochi balls! With all these functions in one, the Green Juicer saves precious kitchen countertop space because you won’t need to buy a whole lot of appliances to perform all these various functions.

The design that makes the difference

The Green Star features an innovative twin gear press that enables it to juice greens like no other juicer. To be clear, it’s not a centrifugal, masticating, or hydraulic press juicer – it is a twin gear juicer. With the Green Star juicer there is a three stage process to juicing. The twin gears chop, mix and then press the fruit and veggies to extract maximum volume of juice. The chopping action means that you don’t have to waste time by prepping juice and veggies and cutting them into smaller pieces.

This unique design also enables the Green Star to yield up to 50% more juice than traditional centrifugal juicers. Apart from this being convenient and saving you time, it also saves money in that you will end up spending a lot less money on fruits and veggies to get the same amount of juice.

The Green Star differs from other juicers not only by having a twin gear press, but it also uses magnetic technology and operates at a low rate of revolutions per minute (rpm). This innovative magnetic juice extraction system actually improves the nutritional value of your juice.

Magnets? Seriously?

As your juice is extracted, it passes through a powerful magnetic field of 2600 gauss. This actually enhances the properties of certain minerals in your juice, including calcium, potassium and magnesium. The combination of magnetism and a slow 110 rpm also means that there’s minimal oxidization that occurs. This preserves more nutrients, again boosting the health benefits of your juice.

Importantly, no oxidization means that the juice also has a long shelf life so it doesn’t have to be consumed immediately. You can juice when it’s convenient for you and store it in the fridge for when you need you liquid nutrition during the day – or even over the next three days. Juices made with the Green Star can even last up to five days, as long as you make sure to store them with as little air as possible, in air-tight containers.

Another surprising benefit of the magnetic technology is that the magnetic field actually mellows the often overpowering taste of potent green juice. This means that you get all the health benefits of top quality green juice, but in a much more palatable form. Even if it still smells a little pungent, you’ll be surprised by the fresher taste. So you won’t be grimacing any more as you drink your way to better health.

The Green Star’s unique design means that there is no heat and little ‘physical shock’ during the juicing process. The result? Juice with a considerably higher nutritional value. The lack of heat means that enzymes are preserved, making your juice just that much healthier.

When the Green Star was subjected to independent laboratory tests, it was found that it produced juice that had up to 200% more minerals than the juice made by other well-known juicers. The slow juice extraction method also results in fewer chemical residues in your juice. This is because these harmful substances, such as toxic metals, bind to the pulp and are not present in the juice itself.

Easy to use, easy to clean

The Green Star juicer is very easy to assemble and use. What’s more, it’s very easy to clean. Most of the parts just require a good rinsing. And that’s music to my ears!

You will find that you won’t have to even clean your juicer as often as you would another type, which is great if you’re in a rush in the morning but still want to get your dose of healthy juice to kick-start your day.

Here’s a quick roundup of the Green Star’s PROS and CONS…​


  • Juice Quality. With its stainless steel bio-ceramic and magnetic twin gears, the Green Star extracts a super high quality, enzyme-rich juice. 
  • Great for Green Juicing. This juicer can juice just about any greens that you want and it does so damn well.
  • Less Prep Time. There is no need to waste time chopping up your fruits and veggies beforehand
  • More Juice. The Green Star does a great job squeezing all the goodness out of fruits & veggies – you get juice yields up to 50% more juice than you can with the average centrifugal juicer! This is pretty obvious just by checking the pulp – it leaves pulp pale and dry, with pretty much all the juice extracted from it.
  • Juice that Stays Fresh Longer. The biggest advantage, IMHO, of the Green Star is that the entire extraction process protects against oxidation, which means that you get fresh juice that stays fresh longer. You can store juice made with a Green Star for up to 5 days!
  • Blissfully Quiet. ‘Nuff said.
  • Versatility. The Green Star doesn’t just juice – it can also be used to make juices, baby food, desserts, nut butters, and even pasta and rice cakes. Oh, and sorbet – which is the best thing on earth 🙂
  • Easy to Use and Fairly Easy to Clean.  The Green Star Elite has a snap open-close sort of latching style that allows you to easily remove the parts to clean them. There are some stubborn crevices that can be hard-to-clean, but it becomes much easier once you soak the parts for a little while before cleaning. Total cleaning time takes around 10 to 15 minutes tops.
  • Long-Lasting. The Green Star is famous for its quality – it’s a heavy duty, durable machine that will last and last. It’s also backed up by a 12-yr warranty.


  • Price. The Green Star Elite comes at quite a hefty price-tag, but it must be mentioned that this is a particularly efficient and versatile appliance and has a far higher juice yield than many other juicers – in the long run, it’s actually better value just based on what you’ll save in buying produce. 
  • Frequent Cleaning. If you’re juicing something with stringy pulp, you may to clean out the gears and screen mid-juicing, especially if you’re juicing a lot. It’s not a big deal, but can get annoying.
  • Froth. The Green Star can produce some froth (foam) when juicing certain produce. If it happens, refrigerate the gears before juicing.

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