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5 Gentle Green Juicing Recipes for Beginners

green juicing recipes for beginners

On the hunt for the gentlest green juicing recipes for beginners? We feel you. Sure, the world is full of incredibly leafy greens – from kale to spinach, from collard to mustard greens – but until your tastebuds get used to the taste of greens, you want to go slow.

Starting with a hardcore green juice that’s full of bitter greens is a surefire way to turn yourself off before you start.

Lucky for you, there are so many beginner-friendly greens out there. Some, like spinach, lettuce and celery are so unobtrusive that you won’t even notice they’re there. They just blend right in, giving your palate a chance to get used to them.

Even more clever? Keep in mind that many greens are herbs that you already know and love, like mint, basil and cilantro. These provide a lovely opportunity for you to get a great green dose of chlorophyll as well as the familiar taste of yummy herbs.

To get you started on your green juicing journey in the most delicious way, here are some of the best green juicing recipes for beginners!

A Sweet and Savory Green Juice Recipe
weight loss juice recipes

This is a refreshingly sweet juice recipe for weight loss that’s perfect for the hot summer months. Both blood-sugar controlling cilantro and digestion-boosting mint offer a dose of cleansing, energy-giving chlorophyll while the high acidity of lemons help balance your internal pH levels.

Watermelon adds a natural sweetness while being wonderfully low in calories. As for ginger, this nausea-easing, circulation-boosting, warming root helps speed up metabolism and energy levels while adding a zesty kick to this yummy juice recipe!

Tropical Green Juice Recipe

green juicing recipes for beginners

image via http://www.thepescetarianandthepig.com

If you’re in the mood for something delicious tropical, this is the green juice to go for. Despite the kale, it doesn’t taste very “green” – it’s sweet deliciousness all the way.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup fresh pineapple
  • 2 cups chopped mango
  • 1 cup of kale
  • handful of basil

A Zesty, Zingy Energizing Green Juice Recipe

green juice recipes
What do you do when you’ve only got so much time but you’ve got an insatiable craving for a variety of greens? This green juice recipe, of course 🙂

I love, love, love this gentle green juice as all the green stuff in this recipe is more-than-friendly for beginners. Lettuce, cukes and celery all serve as deliciously subtle base, watercress adds a slight peppery-ness and cilantro contributes mucho flavor while ginger and lemon make sure this green juice recipe is far from bland.

Not to mention the crazy dose of detox-aiding, nutrient-boosting, skin-and-hair-health-promoting, energy-giving benefits you get from a simple cup of this lovely green juice.

Get the Juices Flowing Green Juice

green juicing recipes for beginners

Just because you’re new to green juice doesn’t mean you need to juice the same old ingredients all the time. If you’ve already had a green juice or two, you know exactly what we mean. Most green juice recipe for beginners are the same: Add one watery, tasteless leafy green. Add an apple. Maybe sneak in a lemon or a bit of ginger for excitement.

And we’re totally guilty of this, too. But let’s mix things up a bit. Here’s something different for your bored tastebuds!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 medium fennel bulb
  • 1 ruby red grapefruit (peeled)
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 lemon (peeled)
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 1 cup spinach

Despite the greens, this juice won’t taste like your average green juice. But it’ll be a delight for your tastebuds – especially if you like the taste of licorice – and for your tummy. Both grapefruit and fennel are excellent for digestion so this is one great juice recipe to sip on if you’re feeling, ahem, clogged.

Soothing Green Juice Recipe for Beginners

green juice recipes for beginners

This is one of the gentlest – yet wonderfully well-rounded – green juice recipes I’ve tried. It’s the perfect juice recipe for beginners and those who’ve been juicing for awhile but remain wary of green juices.

Well, worry no more and round up the above ingredients for your juicer. This juice recipe contains just a tad of nutrient-laden kale and the romaine lettuce is basically vitamin-rich green water (lettuce is one of the least intimidating, best greens for newbies). Apples add a delicious, flavonoid-rich sweetness and the zesty lemon and spicy ginger gives it all a lovely KICK!

Want more yummy green juice recipes?

Dinsmoor - August 6, 2015

Can you put some recipes up that are just delicious on the sweet side. I am not juicing to lose weight, just for enjoyment. What are your sweetest green and not so green mixes?

Roxann - September 17, 2015

This was helpful for me. I was juicing for 2 months. My body feels great. Needed some different recipes. Thanks!
I am excited! This is my 2nd day.
Thanks again.

Patty Morris - November 26, 2015

Thank you for such great juicing recipes. I suffered an ileus after vomiting more than 900cc bright blood, so once I was discharged I knew I had to get busy to get my digestive tract moving. I later learned this was not a common symptom of an ileus which probably accounts for the days in the ICU.

    Hannah - November 28, 2015

    Hi Patty, you’re very welcome and thank you for stopping by! So sorry to hear about your ICU experience and wishing you a speedy recovery and very regular digestion 🙂

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