How to Beat Bloating with Delicious Green Juice

Do you feel bloated after eating? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from bloating regularly. This can be caused by many things, such as eating too much, drinking carbonated beverages, or eating foods that are difficult to digest. A great way to combat bloating is by drinking green juice! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of green juice for bloating and give you a recipe for a delicious green juice drink that will help get rid of your bloat in no time!

A bloated stomach is what?

First and foremost, a bloated stomach is a sensation of fullness or pressure in the abdominal region. A bloated midsection is not always present with this symptom. The intensity of the sensation might vary widely.

The period most people get relief after a short while, and some have to deal with this issue again. Circadian bloating may be the result of digestive problems or hormonal changes. Get medical help to figure out what’s causing your stomach to bloat if it doesn’t go away.

How frequent is abdominal distention?

Regular abdominal bloating affects between 10 and 25 percent of otherwise healthy adults. Seventy-five percent or more say their symptoms range from mild to severe. Ten percent of people report having it happen frequently.

Perhaps as high as 90% of people with IBS have this problem. About three-quarters of women report feeling bloated in the days leading up to and during their periods. The distended abdomen is reported by just half of those who suffer from bloating.

What causes abdominal distention?

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Gas is a normal byproduct of digestion, but an overproduction of gas in the intestines indicates digestive problems. Air and carbonated drinks are also good sources of gas intake, however, most of the gas will be expelled by belching before it reaches the digestive tract. Fermentation, the process by which bacteria in your stomach break down carbohydrates, is the primary source of intestinal gas.

If there’s a lot of fermentation in the gut, it’s because a lot of carbs weren’t absorbed normally before getting to the bacteria there. There might be a few explanations for that. Perhaps you gorged yourself too quickly for optimal digestion. You might also be suffering from a condition related to your digestive system.


Constipation can be a temporary problem brought on by changes in food or routine, or it can be a persistent problem caused by an underlying medical issue. When waste accumulates in the colon, digested food must remain in the small intestine for a longer period before it can be passed. As a result of the additional volume, everything in the system expands and causes bloating.

Intestinal blockages

It may not always be a simple case of backed-up feces causing an intestinal obstruction. Tumors, scar tissue, strictures, stenosis, and hernias are all potential causes of intestinal obstruction, both in the large and small intestines. Strictures, or narrowed passageways, in the small intestine, can be caused by damage caused by inflammatory disorders including Crohn’s and diverticulosis.

Motility problems

Constipation is a symptom of motility problems, which can also impede the digestion process overall. Typically, these conditions include issues with the digestive system’s sensory muscles and neurons.

Gastroparesis (partial paralysis of the stomach muscles), pelvic floor dysfunction, and intestinal pseudo-obstruction are all examples of conditions that resemble the consequences of an obstruction when none exists.


Perhaps you have discovered that your menstrual cycle, and not your digestion cycle, is the one that best explains the cyclical nature of your stomach bloating. In that case, you’re in good company. Up to three-quarters of women report experiencing stomach bloating in the days leading up to and during their periods.

Due to hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause, bloating is another prevalent symptom. Because they can influence fluid retention, gas production, digestive backup, and your overall susceptibility to these factors, female hormones deserve their specific attention when discussing bloating in the stomach.

Green Fruits and Vegetables for Bloating

The Goodness of This Green Drink and Its Health Advantages

Let’s nerd out a little bit on the benefits of vegetables, a topic I’m quite interested in exploring.

Green Apple

Sweetening green juices with green apples is a staple in our kitchen. It’s economical and complements the greens well, masking any bitterness or earthiness. Apples are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium when juiced while still in the skin. Apple aids detoxification processes, reduces cholesterol and facilitates gastrointestinal function. The core should not be juiced, but whole apples can be included. Apple seeds may be bad for humans.


Parsley is an excellent source of several nutrients, including the antioxidants potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Juiced parsley has a robust flavor, but you only need a few stems and leaves to give your drink a vibrant green hue and a clean, crisp flavor. The lemon, cucumber, and apple give it a refreshing, well-rounded flavor.


The iron content of spinach is high (almost twice as much as other greens). Spinach is our go-to green for juicing since it is readily accessible and affordable. It has a very subtle flavor and goes well with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Alkalizing and full of healthy nutrients, spinach is a must-have. One heck of a force!


Numerous vitamins, including A, B complex, C, and folic acid, may be found in cucumbers. It helps maintain proper cellular water balance, maintain a healthy core body temperature, and reduce inflammation. As a bonus, its high silica concentration helps treat skin issues, prevent hair loss, and fortify nail growth.

Cucumber is a favorite addition to our juices because of its mild flavor and high water-to-mineral-content ratio. Cucumbers have also been the subject of extensive cancer-fighting studies. We like using cucumbers with thinner skins, such as a hot house or English cucumbers.


Lemons are an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C, as well as the minerals potassium and vitamin B6. They have cleansing and antioxidant qualities and have high alkalinity (hello pretty skin). In addition, the greens’ vitamin C content aids iron absorption if you’re a little anemic like me.


It’s no secret that ginger is a liquid superfood. Ginger assists in digestion and reduces bloating because of a compound called gingerols which also has anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger may be added to the juice without being peeled. You should wash it, chop it up, and put it through a juicer. When using ginger, start with a lower amount if you’re sensitive to its warming and spicy flavor.

green juice bloating

Anti-Bloating Smoothie Recipe

Green Veggie Anti Bloating Recipe


  • 2 cucumbers 1 cup of spinach (peeled if desired)
  • 1 celery stick
  • 1/4 cup frozen papaya 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • Ginger root, 1 tbsp (fresh)
  • 2 teaspoons lemon (juice)
  • Protein, 1 Serving Energy Booster Smoothie (optional)


  1. Throw some greens, some cucumber, and some celery into the blender like the Ninja Personal Blender and mix away. Make a smooth paste by blending. If necessary, you may add water to the cucumber, but it should be OK without it.
  2. Mix in the papaya, lime juice, ginger, and pineapple. Re-blend everything until it’s silky.
  3. Serve right away, or store in airtight containers in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Juice for a Flat Belly


  • 1-inch green apple, cored
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced thinly
  • Triple the kale
  • Cucumber


  1. Ensure that all of your fruits and veggies has been well washed. Check out the link in the recipe notes for my apple cider vinegar produce wash.
  2. Run everything through your juicer. Toss everything together and dig in.


So, the next time you’re feeling bloated and gross after eating too much junk food, or just generally not your best self, try reaching for a green juice. Chances are, it’ll make you feel better almost immediately – and if nothing else, it’s at least a step in the right direction.

And who knows? maybe one day you won’t even need to drink green juice to avoid bloating; you’ll be able to eat whatever you want without any negative consequences! But we’re not there yet. In the meantime, drink up and enjoy that healthy (and delicious) glow.

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