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Green Juice Essentials: An A-to-Z List of Greens to Juice

juicing greens list

Green juice is great - for your energy levels, your skin, and your overall body. But what's not so great is juicing the same old kale and cukes day in and day out. 

Routine can get dull, yes?

The good news is there's simply no need to stick to the usual suspects when it comes to green juicing - especially when there are so many yummy green vegetables out there waiting for their turn in your juicer. 

Here's a handy little list of green leafy vegetables you can substitute for kale or spinach or whatever your usual go-to greens are. The best news? There are no bad choices; all leafy greens come with ample benefits so juice up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Arugula has a wonderfully varied nutritional profile and, like all leafy greens, is loaded with chlorophyll. You know, the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory "plant blood" that acts as a natural chelate in your body to remove toxins and heavy metals.

Interestingly, it's also historically been used as an arousal aid since the phytonutrients found in arugula help block the absorption of many environmental contaminants that can negatively affect your libido.โ€‹

Beet greens are loaded with vitamins - with just 100g supplying 127% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, 50% of vitamin C, and 500% of vitamin K.

These leaves also contain ample amount of beta cyanin, which help replenish electrolytes in your body, making this an ideal leafy green for when you're sick or simply hungover.

These greens have also been found to contain typtophan and betaine, which prompt your brain to release happy hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin so blend with these when you're looking for a mood boost.

Bok choy is a crucifer and as such, is rich in glucosinolates which have been shown to lower the risk of developing certain forms of cancer by inactivating carcinogens and protecting our cells from DNA damage.

This Chinese cabbage also has brassinin, a phytoalexin also linked to cancer prevention.

Cabbage does not boast anywhere near the vitamin and mineral content that most other leafy greens do. But cabbage makes up for it as its rich in glucosinolates, sulfur-containing compounds that your body converts into isothyocyanates and indoles, which then eliminate carcinogens from your body.

The enzyme that does the conversion is destroyed by heat so its best to have your cabbage raw - like in a green juice ๐Ÿ™‚

Like most leafy greens, collards are chock full of vitamins and minerals that help keep your eyesight healthy, boost your immune system, and strengthen your bones.

Collard greens are also packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants that have been shown to inhibit the cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Dandelion greens are a great leafy green to blend for your skin, especially if you're prone to acne.

Just 100g provides over 200% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, 17% of iron, and 17% of vitamin E - all important nutrients for preventing acne.

But dandelion's real benefits lie in its detoxification powers - these greens are known to contain active phytochemicals that help detox and support your liver, blood, and gastrointestinal organs.

Considering lettuce is the "least nutritious leafy green" - it really does not do so badly.

For starters, just 100g of lettuce provides 148% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, 30% of vitamin C, 217% of vitamin K, 10% of folate, and 13% of manganese.

It's also got a bunch of other vitamins and minerals, too - including calcium, iron, vitamin B6, and even protein.

Interestingly, lettuce leaves have a milky fluid called lactucarium which is also known as "lettuce opium" for its analgesic and sedative properties. A lettuce-y green juice might be just the thing if you're struggling with insomnia ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah, infamous kale. Where do we begin with this one? Let's start with kale being a true nutritional powerhouse - the "queen of greens" is rich in protein, crazy loaded with vitamins and minerals, and even provides omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, kale's been found to contain at least 45 different antioxidant flavonoids that work synergistically together to provide the anti-inflammatory, cell-protecting, disease-preventing benefits associated with kale.

Microgreens are basically the baby versions of herbs and leafy greens. The reason they get their own little section is because these tiny greens have 4 to 40 times the nutritional density of their full-grown counterparts.

The nutritional facts and health benefits vary depending on the type of microgreen, but some like red cabbage, cilantro, and radish have been shown to contain 40 times the vital nutrients than their mature counterparts! 

Mustard greens are a good source of vegetarian protein and provide a whopping dose of vitamins and minerals. They're also packed with potent antioxidants like sulforaphane and indoles that have been found to inhibit cancer cells as well as glucosinolates that protect our cells from free radical damage.

Coolest thing about them? Mustard greens are also known to have polyphenolic compounds that help reduce the stress hormone - cortisol - in our bodies when eaten on a regular basis.

Broccoli rabe, aka Rapini, is a lesser-known leafy green worth checking out. It's rich in protein, vitamins and minerals while being very low in calories.

Its phytochemicals have been linked to protecting brain health and some compounds in rapini have even been shown to help fight off alopecia.โ€‹

Spinach is one of the most palate-able leafy green out there and the perfect beginner leafy green for those new to green juicing.

It's also ideal for those looking to lose weight as 100g contain only 7 calories while being rich in vitamins and minerals.

Sprouts are small, but they are without a doubt a SUPER food.

Per calorie, sprouts have the highest concentration of phytonutrients of any known food in our world.

They're also a great source of vegetarian protein, chock full of potent antioxidants that boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, boost bone strenth, and even protect our bodies from cancer.

Swiss chard is loaded with vitamins. It's got protein and calcium.

And the beautiful red stems of its leaves are loaded with phytonutrients known to boost your metabolism.

These greens are also ideal for diabetics as they contain a phytonutrient called syringic acid that inhibits an enzyme that distrupts and spikes blood glucose levels.

Watercress is the leafy green that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, planted near his hospital in order to give his patients easy access to this health-promoting plant. 

Turns out that was a brilliant idea. Why?โ€‹

Modern studies show that watercress has the ability to reduce DNA damage, increase your cell's ability to protect themselves from free radicals, and even inhibit certain cancer cells.

Did we also mention that this leafy green is ridiculously low in calories - yes, even for a leafy green - and rich in vitamins and minerals?

Keep in mind that not all juicers are great for juicing greens so if you're looking to juice a lot of greens (and keep them as fresh and nutritious as possible) - you're going to want to choose a slow juicer. Here are our top picks!


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