Ginseng Juice Recipes to Boost Energy and Immunity

Ginseng juice is one of the most underrated superfoods – ever. And that’s unfortunate because this is one of the most revitalizing, rejuvenating tonics you can gift to your body.

Lacking in the energy department? Prone to frequent colds and coughs? If so – you need some ginseng juice. You see, this warming root offers a big boost to your immune system and has even been shown to decrease the severity and frequency of the common cold.

To further protect your body, ginseng also acts as a blood purifier, stabilizing blood sugar levels and even improving cholesterol. A recent (2005) study demonstrated further heart-protective properties – when rats were subjected to drug-induced heart failure, the symptoms were significantly mitigated in those animals who were given ginseng.

But that’s not all – adding some ginseng to your vegetable and fruit juices can also reduce stress, increase stamina, and improve your overall energy levels.

It can also improve cognitive abilities by a measurable amount, according to studies published in The Cochrane Library and the Journal of Dairy Science.

Ginseng may also help slow down the aging process that overcomes all of us, through the action of a substance called maltol. And while the amount of most vitamins and minerals in ginseng is negligible, it is high in antioxidants, those all-important substances which block the barraging attack of free radicals on your body.

Note: the only drawback to ginseng is that it can be both difficult to get your hands on and price-y when you do. I pay around $20 for like 5 of these babies, so ginseng juice is definitely a juicing splurge – treat yourself when you’re feeling a bit under the weather 🙂

Ginseng Juice Benefits Include:

Get rid of that stress: Though the mechanism in which it acts is not known, studies have shown that Ginseng is an effective de-stressent that can normalize stress-induced changes and restore the body’s homeostasis.

Improve energy levels and increase stamina: Ginsenocides, substances contained in ginseng, mimic the action of hormones and increase your metabolism and physical conditioning.

Stay young longer: The action of a compound called maltol slows down the aging process, and the antioxidants contained in ginseng protect against free radicals.

Enhance your memory: Regular consumption of Ginseng improves both your working and long-term memory.

Boost your immune system: White blood cells are the ground soldiers in your body’s immune system, and ginseng increases their count.

Best Ginseng Juice Recipes

Want some energizing ginseng juice recipes you can try? Here’s a few delicious ones!

Quick tip: If you can find fresh ginseng, feel free to substitute it for ginger in pretty much every juicing recipe. Ginseng has the same sort of zing and can be an awesome way to switch things up!

The Energizer Bunnyenergizing juice recipes

The Energizer Bunny’s a wonderfully simple, energy-giving juice recipe perfect for those times when you’re low on energy and time!

Ginseng, Spice and Everything Nice

fat burning juice recipes

This one’s a crazy delicious combination of four potently healthy ingredients you never thought would go together, but do…deliciously so!

Green Ginseng Powerade

green juice recipes

What happens when you combine ginseng in a green juice recipe? A whole lot of goodness and super shot of energy! This one can come on a bit strong, though, so up the blackberries (and add a beet) if you need a little extra sweetness to help the green + ginseng go down.

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