6 Delicious Fat Burning Juicing Recipes that Boost Metabolism and Fight Fat

One of the handiest things to have in your arsenal is a go to list of fat burning juicing recipes that cleverly combine the most effective, low calorie ingredients to gently detox the body, boost digestion, amplify fat metabolism and even have a thermogenic effect on the body, encouraging the body to burn more calories than it consumes.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt if the recipes are delicious as well.

Are there fat burning juice recipes that do all that and hold up to the yummy taste test as well? Well, you be the judge. We personally find the following fat burning juices to be some of the most delicious around.

6 Best Fat Burning Juicing Recipes

Here’s a collection of the best fat burning juicing recipes you can try today – keep in mind that these aren’t your average sugar-y, yummy juice recipes. So if you’re used to juicing your juicer to whip up pina colada variations – hey, no shame in that, we’ve all done it – these clean, green fat burning juice recipes may take a little getting used to.

That being said, these are very low in sugar, very low in calories and very good for both your health and your weight loss goals. Happy juicing!

Fat Flush Juice Recipe for Beginners

fat burning juice recipes

No reason to wander over to the candy aisle just because you have a craving for something sweet and good—especially when there are delicious fat-burning juicing recipes recipes (like this one!) that can give you the fix you need while helping to combat fat at the same time.

Research shows that the phytochemicals found in grapefruit encourage weight loss by reducing insulin levels – this means that insulin spikes after meals are reduced and the body is more efficiently able to process food to be used as energy instead of storing it on your body. Result? You get more energy and less fat storage. Pretty awesome, huh?

Not to mention that regular consumption of grapefruit can lower your bad LDL cholesterol levels, especially if you have problems with high triglycerides.  Orange is another cholesterol-lowerer, and also gives you some protection against threatening cardiovascular disease. The  mint you  add in here will aid your digestion, and the lettuce provides vitamin K—also good for your blood-clotting system—as well as vitamin C and folate.

Try this one today— your body will thank you!

Spicy Green Metabolism Booster

Fat Burning Juicing Recipes
Image and recipe via Healthy Blender Recipes

This is admittedly not a green juice for beginners but it is one of the best juice recipes for when you’re trying to shed some pounds. If you really need some extra sweetness, feel free to add a few grapes or a bit of any low sugar fruit:

  • 1 inch turmeric root
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 ribs celery
  • 1 inch ginger root
  • 1 lemon
  • Pinch of freshly ground black pepper

You can tell from the ingredients that this juice recipe is ridiculously low in calories, but it’s also packing more secret sauce. Both cucumber, celery and lemon are wonderfully gentle diuretics, helping your water release toxins and excess water weight.

But the real magic comes from spicy turmeric, which contains a compound called curcumin that’s packed with perks, including the ability to speed up fat metabolism as well as anti-inflammatory mechanisms that can ward off weight gain. Plus, it adds a very welcome complexity to this juice recipe 😉

Super Slimdown Fat Burning Juicing Recipe

juice recipes for weight loss

This is one tasty summer drink you don’t want to have miss.  Make a tumbler of this delicious green juice recipe before going out to eat out with friends or anytime you suspect the dining options may not be so health–friendly.

Pineapple contains enzymes like bromelain to aid your digestion and wheatgrass helps speed up your metabolism and give your digestion a boost, but it does more than that, for it takes an edge off your hunger and decreases your appetite. So you’ll end up eating less of what you don’t want to eat, and what you do eat, you’ll be able to digest better and faster.

This is a tasty weight loss juice recipe that works well any time of the day as well.

Vitamin C Fat Burning Booster Juice

Fat Burning Juicing Recipes

Why drink regular old OJ when you can drink this innovative green juice twist:

  • 1/2 head of broccoli (use everything – florets, stalks and those little leaves)
  • 3 kale leaves
  • 2 oranges (peeled)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 pear

The result is a surprisingly delicious orange juice with just the perfect hint of green. The best part? It’s seriously rich in vitamin C – not just from the oranges but from the kale and broccoli as well. And this is great news since a 2005 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that increased vitamin C consumption promoted more fat burning during exercise.

Fire Your Fat Spicy Sweet Green Juice Recipe for Weight Loss

fat burning juice recipe

Ever have those days when you glance at your love handles and belly flab and…wish you can fire it? Like, just tell it to take a hike and bugger off – to anywhere else but on your body?

Well, this weight loss juice recipe will send that message with its metabolism-quickening goodness.  Pineapple provides a wonderfully refreshing, light-feeling juice, laced with lots of vitamins and trace minerals: thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, manganese, potassium and more. Plus, it adds digestion-aiding bromelain to the mix, making it easier for your body to turn the food your provide into energy-giving fuel (remember to juice the pineapple cores – that’s where most of the bromelain is at)!

The kale in this recipe will provide you with a significant source of vitamin K, important for blood health as well as strong bones.  Did you know that this little used green provides more calcium per calorie than milk, as well as more iron per calorie than red beef? It’s worth making a real effort to get more of it into your diet…like with this juice recipe 🙂

Waistline Buster Nutritious Weight Loss Juice Recipe

juice recipes for weight loss

The bright pink of this juice will liven your day, just as the good things inside it will brighten your face and help sculpt your form. Those five medium size carrots will give you a good dose of beta-carotene, too, an important anti-oxidant which can help slow down your body’s aging process.  It also provides quantities of A and C, as well as alpha-carotene and lutein, good for your heart.

Tastes differ, so experiment with the amount of ginger that will give you just the amount of spiciness you want—1/4 to ½ an inch is a good place to start.

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