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Does Juicing Help Lose Weight?


It’s been awhile since juicing made a huge splash with the public. Avid juicers have been well-aware of the health benefits of juicing for ages, but it’s only in the past couple years that the general public is really catching on.

And it’s no surprise why. You wake up in the morning, make a few glasses of fresh pressed juice, then store ’em and drink ’em throughout the day to give your body a burst of natural energy and nutrition.

There’s also an added benefit – adding fresh juices into your diet can even help you lose weight. Want to know how?

How Juicing Helps You Lose Weight

#1. Appetite Suppression: When trying to lose weight, one of your greatest pitfalls can be your own appetite. Everyone knows that the key to losing weight is to cut back on your calories and ramp up your exercise program.

But that can be hard to do especially when you’ve got a ravenous appetite. The good thing about juicing fresh foods is that certain fruits, veggies and herbs have natural appetite-suppressing qualities.

Take ginger, apples, sweet potatoes, and green leafy vegetables, for example – all these delicious foods act as appetite suppressants.

Ginger also boost digestive health. Apples are filled with delicious nutrients that keep your blood sugar – and appetite -steady throughout the day. And green leafy vegetables are full of fiber and nutrients such as iron and selenium that will keep your appetite in check.

#2. Boost of Nutrients: Your body needs abundant nutrients each day and when you are craving certain foods, it can actually mean that you are nutrient deficient. One great way to curb your cravings is to juice. Juicing allows you to get a powerhouse of vital nutrients with very little caloric value and relatively little effort.

In just one glass of juice, you may consume 1-5 pieces of fruit, 3-5 servings of veggies, and mixture of herbs and spices that all bring to the table their rich vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content.

The more nutrients you have in your body, the less likely you will be deficient, and the less likely you will binge or give into your cravings.

#3. Energy Efficiency: In today’s world, everyone is talking about ways to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. When most people think about becoming energy efficient, they think about their cars and homes, but did you know your body could become energy efficient as well?

While an energy efficient body may not reduce your carbon footprint, it will help you lose weight. Juicing is the perfect way to get a large boost of essential nutrients without putting your body through the effort of digesting large amounts of fruits and veggies.

The phytonutrients are easily absorbed and your digestive tract gets to rest, meaning that all of this saved energy can then be used to fuel your active lifestyle and keep the pounds off.

#4. Juicing Naturally Shrinks Your Stomach: One of the best aesthetic benefits of juicing is that it can help gradually and naturally shrink your stomach by providing your body with replenishing nutrients – without the bulk.

Fresh juices are nutrient dense, delivering potent doses of vitamins and minerals to keep your cravings at bay while keeping you feeling light and energetic.

The large intake of nutrients without the bulk that expands your stomach gradually leads to a smaller stomach, naturally reduced portions, and a quicker feeling of satiety.

Plus, depending on the fruits and veggies you choose you can get an extra boost of belly shrinking power. For example, apples contain pectin which is packed with antioxidants and helps decrease visceral fat around your midline.

Cabbage is another example of a wonderful veggie that will detox your liver, which helps reduce your overall belly fat – one of the main functions of your liver is to metabolize fats and improved liver function through detox is a smart way to help your body metabolize fat into energy more efficienty.

Juicing is an easy, healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. It allows you to take in large amounts of vital nutrients while saving your energy for other activities and keeping your body feeling light without that feeling of being “weighed down.”

Just adding a few glasses of fresh juice into your diet every day – before meals, preferably – is a natural way to keep your appetite in check, give your body more energy, and begin the gradual process of smarter eating and smaller portions that leads to permanent weight loss.

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