Best Cold Press Juicer Black Friday Deals

On a hot day, nothing feels as good as a glass of cold-pressed juice. Because it is made with care, cold-pressed juice is also nutritious and tastes much better. To get the juice out of the fruits and vegetables, they are crushed and pressed. With a cold-press juicer, the ingredients don’t get hot, so they keep their high levels of nutrients. In this article we will see the best cold press juicer Black Friday deals.

This will give you more juice and a lot of health benefits in very reasonable price. Health professionals give them high marks because they make sure you get more nutrients out of every fruit and vegetable.

Cold press juicers are great because they can also juice things that other extractors might have trouble with. Centrifugal juicers can’t juice things like wheatgrass, but a cold press juicer can make juice from almost anything.

So, if you like juicing and want to lose weight, improve your health, or give your family some tasty juice, you should take full advantage of the Black Friday deals on cold press juicers.

Is it worth buying a cold press juicer?

When it comes to nutrients, there is a reason why cold press juicers are cold. When juice is made with a centrifuge, enzymes and vitamins break down much faster because of the heat and oxidation. Most likely, your cold-pressed juice will be healthier and last longer. 

Cold press juicer black friday deal

Benefits of Cold Press Juicer:

Cold press juicers put light pressure on the fruit or vegetable, squeeze it, and get a perfect combination of pulp and juice out of it. Cold-pressed juicers keep more of the important nutrients because the process doesn’t produce heat, which would destroy them. Green leafy vegetables can be easily juiced with a cold press fruit and vegetable juicer.

No oxidation: Because the raw ingredients don’t get much air, the process of oxidation is very slow.

Freshness that lasts: The juice made by the cold press juicer can be kept in the fridge for up to 21 days.

Maximum Nutrition: The natural sugar, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other important parts are carefully taken out.

Keeping nutrients from going bad: Cold press juicers don’t make any heat, so the original nutrients are kept.

No Hot Conditions: Raw juices aren’t cooked at high temperatures to make them pasteurized, so they help keep nutrients.

Goodness that’s easy to absorb: The cold-pressed juices are full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that are easy to take in.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Juicer:

1. What kinds of fruits, veggies, and greens are you going to juice?

Try to get a rough idea of how much you plan to juice each of the following: soft fruits, citrus fruits, hard fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Given the wide range of fruits and vegetables that nature provides, no juicer is designed to be the best at all of them. It’s important to know what you’ll be juicing most, as this will have a big impact on the best juicer for your needs.

2. How much juice should I drink each day?

Masticating juicers make the best juice, but they are much slower than high-speed centrifugal juicers. When you want to make a lot of juice quickly and are willing to give up a little on quality, centrifugal juicers are a good choice. However, if juice quality is your main concern and you plan to juice mostly vegetables and leafy greens, a masticating juicer is by far the best choice.

3. High juice yield and dry pulp.

How well a juicer works and how good it is can be judged by how much juice it makes. If you look online, you can find many videos that compare how well different juicers work with the same amounts of fruit and vegetables. Most of the time, as the amount of juice made goes up, so does the price.

4. How long does it take to put together, take apart, and clean a juicer?

In many marketing brochures, the amount of time it takes to put together, take apart, and clean a juicer is exaggerated. From what we’ve seen, once you’ve used a juicer a few times, you get good at putting it together, taking it apart, and cleaning it. Yes, many juicers have more parts, but it only takes a few seconds to clean these parts by rinsing them under a running faucet. A word of advice: don’t be too swayed by claims that one juicer is much easier to clean than the others. We haven’t seen this type of juicer yet.

5. Price

Like most things in life, when it comes to juicers, you get what you pay for. Most of the time, the juicer works better as the price goes up. With a higher price, you get more juice, more features, an easier-to-clean product, a better warranty, and, in many cases, a more aesthetically pleasing product.

the cold press juicer black friday deals

Cold Press Juicer On Sale:

1. The Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

To get the most out of the deals on Black Friday, you need a powerful cold press juicer that can be used for many different things, like this Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer. It’s made so that you can get 30% more vitamins and 20% more juice from it. You’ll get more for your money, that’s for sure.

Features Overview:

  • Reverse function
  • 150W motor
  • 2-Year Warranty

Product highlights:

1. The brand uses a strong 304 filter to make sure that your juice is always clean and smooth.

2. All of the parts that come off are free of BPA, and you’ll also get a free brush to make it easy to clean. It also comes with a safety lock that makes it easy to put together and take apart. 

3. It is made of a material that doesn’t scratch.

4. It has an Anti-oxidation design, a high juice yield, and a 1-month free trial.

2. KOIOS Juicer

Why not try a juicer that promises to get up to 80% of the juice? KOIOS Juicer has a 3-stage spiral warm layout and dependable slow twist technology to make sure you always get high yields. It’s the kind of juicer you can count on to give your body the minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients it needs.

Features Overview:

  • E-book recipe
  • Two years warranty for the motor
  • 1-year warranty for other parts

Product highlights:

1. The twin juicer program on the juicer is what makes this such a great deal. It can juice wheatgrass, fruits, leafy greens, and other vegetables because of the program. 

2. It works perfectly with both hard and soft fruits and vegetables. 

3. The juicer also has control systems for forward and backward motion, which will help you unclog it.

4. The cold press juicer has UL, ETL, and FDA certification.

5. It also features the latest technology, dishwasher safe parts, and is great for its quiet operation.

Cold press juicer black friday deals

3. COMFEE’ BPA Free Masticating Juicer

If you want to start living a healthier life, you might as well purchase a juicer so you can make healthy desserts at home. This COMFEE cold press juicer will not only help you make good juice, but it will also let you make ice cream.

Product highlights:

1. Because it has two filters, the juicer can be used for more than one thing. The precise filter is useful for juice, herbs, nut milk, and vegetables. 

2. On the other hand, you can use the coarse filter to make cereal drinks, baby food, juice with pulp, and ice cream.

3. The juicer has a non-dripping spout that lets you control the flow.

4. There are three color options, has a user-friendly design and a powerful heavy-duty shaft.

Features Overview:

  • Control knob for easy operation
  • Extra-wide chute
  • Two outlets

4. Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

Here is the end of your search for the best kitchen tools and gadgets. The Zulay Professional Juicer has been shown to get all the juice, without any pulp or seeds. Get the most juice out of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and more. You can make organic, sugar-free, freshly squeezed citrus juice beverages with little effort because the Juicer Hand grip handle is so comfortable.

Features Overview:

  • High quality materials
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly

Product highlights:

1. You can squeeze lemon juice, lime juice, and orange juice within a few seconds, saving you time and effort. There’s no need to stress about batteries or electricity.

2. It can be used with different kinds and sizes of fruit because it has a 5 inch diameter. Even the biggest grapefruits won’t be a problem. Hand-held juicers called “Mexican elbows” are harder to use.

3. You can make organic, sugar-free, freshly squeezed Citrus Juice drinks with so little effort because the Juicer Hand grip handle is so comfortable.

5. CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine

CO-hand Z’s press citrus juicer makes fresh juice from any soft or pulpy fruit, like mandarin oranges, Persian limes, Eureka lemons, poms, clementines, grapefruit, and more. Enjoy fresher, flavourful juice drinks and mixed drinks from the comfort of your very own kitchen counter!

Features Overview:

  • Safe and durable
  • User friendly
  • 1 year warranty

Product highlights:

1. 15 pounds of reinforced cast iron resilience gives you long-lasting power that can withstand even 2300 psi of pressure for easy use.

2. The heavy-duty base grips your countertop tightly, giving you more advantage and ease.

3. The funnel can also be taken off, making it easy to use in any sink or dishwasher.

We keep track of all the best deals online and in print, whether you want a Cold Press Juicer or a Centrifugal machine. We will find you great deals on juicers for Black Friday 2022. By taking part in the sales, you don’t have to worry about your finances. You can get any cold press juicer you want for a lot less money. We’ve pointed out a few good options that have some of the best deals. All you have to do is choose the one that will work best for you.

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