The Best Citrus Juicer for Every Budget: Electric vs. Manual

If you’re looking for a new citrus juicer, you may be wondering if an electric or manual model is the best option for you. Both types of juicers have their pros and cons. Electric models are faster and easier to use than manual ones, and they come in a variety of price points to fit any budget. In this article, we will recommend great citrus juicers, manual and electric, that are perfect for anyone from beginners to experts.

Looking for the best citrus juicer for you? Well, good – citrus juicing is pretty limited (you’re pretty much only juicing citrus, after all), but we love it ’cause it usually serves as a gateway into juicing all kinds of other goodies!

And we’re all about that.

So in the interest of making a juiceaholic out of you, we put together a little list of the top citrus juicers on the market. You should know that there are generally two kinds of citrus juicers – manual and electric.

Here’s a little info about the difference between manual and electric juicers:

Manual Citrus Juicers

Manual citrus juicers really vary in price. You can opt for a simple but very functional “squeezer” juicer for less than $10 – or go for a top-of-the-line sleek manual press citrus juicer, which can range anywhere from $35.00 to $190.00!

Take, for example, this citrus juicer.

manual citrus juicer

​As you can see, there’s a manual citrus juicer for every budget. Okay, but why would you want one? 

  • Super easy clean-up. The best thing about a manual vs an electric juicer is the time spent cleaning it up. There are not as many parts to a manual juicer and the cleanup take a minute or two.
  • Totally silent. Manual citrus juicers make no noise – perfect if you’re an early morning juicer. 
  • No electricity required. Which means less money spent on bills and no need to worry if you go traveling – you can bring it along!
  • Easy to use. You might not want to go through the hassle of hauling out an electric juicer just to make one glass of orange juice – but a simple manual juicer is quick and easy to use.

But manual juicers aren’t perfect…

  • Takes longer. Manual juicers take longer – especially if you’re making a lot of juice. 
  • Laborious. Some welcome the workout but if you’re arthritic or just don’t want  to work so hard for juice – skip the manual juicer.
  • No pulp control. This one’s probably the biggest drawback – manual juicers don’t have pulp settings – so if you want pulp free juice, you’ll want an electric juicer. 

Electric Citrus Juicers

The best thing about electric citrus juicers is that…they don’t have to juice just citrus.

Many electric citrus juicers also do a good job juicing other fruits and veggies – which is great if you’re looking for a little more than orange juice 🙂

Plus, they come with several other benefits…​

electric citrus juicer
  • More juice in less time. If you’re looking to make a lot of juice, with little effort, in a short amount of time – get an electric juicer. 
  • Super easy to use. Electric juicers do pretty much all the work for you. 
  • Pulp control. Most electric citrus juicers let you control the amount of pulp you want in your juice – a huge plus if you like your juices pulp free.
  • Can handle various citrus fruits. If you want to juice everything from limes to grapefruit – you’ll need to get several “squeezer” types of manual juicers (one for each size) – but most electric citrus juicers are built to accommodate all citrus fruit sizes. 

​Despite all those good points, electric juicers have their drawbacks as well…

  • Longer cleanup time. Electric juicers typically have more parts, so they take slightly longer to clean. 
  • Can be noisy. Some of the electric citrus juicers are loud. Not all, though (fortunately). 
  • Price. Electric citrus juicers aren’t expensive – but their starting prices are higher than manual juicers. 

​Okay, not that you have an idea of the pros and cons of manual vs electric citrus juicers, let’s take a look at the best of each kind!

#1. Manual Citrus Juicer: Jupiter Juice Press

Focus Foodservice 97336 Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black
  • Get Fresh Squeezed Juice - Perfect for oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and more, this commercial grade juice-press will quickly generate large quantities of the sweetest juice possible, free of bitter skin oils
  • Ergonomic Handle - The sure-grip rubber handles are easy to use and hold and quietly stopped by the rubberized handle stop
  • Long-Lasting - Constructed from ultra-strong, durable cast iron with 18-8 stainless steel perforated strainer

The Jupiter Juice Press is hands down the best manual citrus juicer on the market. 

Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but it does a great job squeezing every last drop of juice out of all citrus fruits so you know you’re not wasting any fruits (which will add up to more than what you spend on this juicer). 

It’s heavy-duty enough to hold up even if you’re juicing copious amounts of juice and it’ll pretty much last forever. The cleanup is super easy as well. 

The only drawbacks are that you don’t get pulp control and that it is quite heavy and requires a bit of muscle. 

But you do get great juice yield with this beast and it takes about a minute to squeeze yourself a glass of fresh juice!

#2. PrepWorks Citrus Juicer

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer, Lemon Lime Orange Grapefruit Press, Hand Held, Manual Lemon Squeezer
  • FITS LIMES, LEMONS AND ORANGES: This Prepworks by Progressive Citrus Juicer is designed to fit limes, lemons and oranges
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This juicer features a domed lid that doubles as a measuring cup
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Features a non-skid base so it won't easily move

Super simple, very affordable and easy to use – this is a great manual citrus juicer if you just want to make an occasional glass of orange juice. 

​Drawbacks are that it’s pretty limited – only limes, lemons and oranges – and of course, it doesn’t come with options like pulp control. But it is really good at what it does – making orange juice – and is super easy to clean up!

#3. Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer - Manual Citrus Press and Orange Squeezer - Metal Lemon Squeezer - Premium Quality Heavy Duty Manual Orange Juicer and Lime Squeezer Press Stand, Black
  • SQUEEZE OUT EVERY DROP OF JUICE: Our lemon squeezer won’t waste even a single drop from your favorite fruit and will also leave the seeds and pulp behind! The 5-inch diameter of the citrus press bowl makes it suitable for various types and sizes of fruit. Watch the juicy goodness of limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, apples, pineapples, pomegranates, and other citrus fruits come straight out of the citrus squeezer, ready to add flavor to your meals or drinks.
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: Our citrus juicer makes juicing easy-peasy lemon squeezy. The comfortable grip handle allows you to squeeze all the juice from lemons, limes, or oranges in seconds for making delicious recipes like guacamole, lemonade, cocktails, and more. Unlike bulky electric juicers, you no longer have to worry about electricity or replacing batteries with this manual citrus press.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE MATERIAL: This manual juicer is made of heavy-duty cast iron that can easily withstand the pressure from continuous pressing for years to come. The leverage mechanism allows a one-time easy pull to get all the juice out. Our citrus press is designed with a heavy rubberized base to firmly keep it in place without the fear of falling, tipping, or sliding off the counter. This hand juicer is great for both professional and at-home use.

This manual citrus juicer is a great choice – affordable, heavy-duty and capable of extracting high juice yield from limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruit. 

It has basically all the benefits of our top #1 pick (the Jupiter Juice Press) – but is lacking in the sturdiness department. It is great as long as it lasts, but if you’re looking for a lifetime value – go with the Jupiter. ​

​And now for the best electric citrus juicers…

#1. Electric Citrus Juicer: Cuisinart

Cuisinart CCJ-500P1 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, 1, Black/Stainless
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: Our sleek brushed stainless steel Pulp Control Citrus Juicer gets out more juice more efficiently
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings-low, medium, high with auto-reversing universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Final-Spin feature extracts more juice from pulp and protects against dust including an extra-long snap-up spout that accommodates more glasses and prevents drippings

Honestly, we think this the best citrus juicer (not just the best electric citrus juicer) – why?

  • It juices every kind of citrus – limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit of all sizes
  • It’s small, takes up little counterspace and is very easy to handle and use
  • It extract every last drop of juice from fruits
  • It is speedy and requires no effort on your part
  • It can handle continuous juicing without dropping from exhaustion

Plus, it’s very, very affordable – even moreso than many manual juicers.

But the best part? It’s got pulp control so you can drink pulp-free juice when you want to!

#2. Black & Decker Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor

BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor, Black, JE2200B, 12.2" x 6.6"
  • Compact Design - The vertically-oriented juice extractor saves space on the countertop
  • Stainless Steel Cutter and Strainer - The durable cutter quickly works through fruits and vegetables, and it's easy to clean and reuse
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts - Every removable part is safe to clean in the dishwasher, further simplifying the juice-making process

Want more than a juicer that just juices citrus?

This Black & Decker juicer is a great start-up juicer if you’re looking for something that’s great with citrus…as well as other fruits and veggies. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and juices everything from citrus to sweet potatoes. ​

Oh, and it also comes with pulp control so you can have your juices pulp-free!​

#3. Eurolux Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Eurolux Electric Citrus Juicer Squeezer, for Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Stainless Steel 160 Watts of Power Soft Grip Handle and Cone Lid for Easy Use (ELCJ-1700S)
  • POWERFUL JUICING TECHNOLOGY - Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer uses a new and improved motor gear that offers a quiet yet powerful juice extraction at only 120 Watts. It provides the same exact power as with 160W juicers but is made more energy-efficient and expected to last longer.
  • AUTOMATIC ONE-TOUCH OPERATION - Our Orange Juice Machine features a soft grip rubber handle press that only requires a minimal amount of pressure to start the automatic juicing process. Simply press the handle down to start, and release pressure to stop. It also features an auto-on/off function.
  • PURE AND HEALTHY JUICE ALL THE TIME - With its integrated filter, you will enjoy a seedless, fresh orange juice or lemonade all the time – hassle-free! The filter effectively captures pits and other unwanted residues. Thus, it gives you twice as much pure and healthy juice.

Another great choice – quiet, affordable, barely takes up any counter space and yields very high juice quantity out of every kind of citrus fruit. 

It’s also very easy to clean and very easy to juice – perfect when you need a quick glass of fresh juice. ​

The only real drawback is that there’s no pulp control, which isn’t a problem if you like pulpy juices. If not – go for one of the above electric juicers. ​

Okay, the above are our top picks of the best citrus juicers – both manual and electric.

Just remember, though, that some of the best juicers on the market do a great job juicing citrus and a wide range of other fruits and veggies – so if you’re planning on juicing more than citrus and care about juice quality, we’d recommend opting for a great, versatile slow juicer today rather than later. See the best ones here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which juicer is best for citrus fruits?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a citrus juicer. First, decide if you want an electric or manual model. Electric models are faster and easier to use, but they can be more expensive. Manual models are cheaper, but require more work on your part.

Second, think about the features you need. Do you want a juicer that can make juice from both large and small fruits like oranges or lemons? Or would you prefer one specifically designed for only lemons or limes?

Third, decide how much money you are willing to spend. Budget is always an important consideration when making any purchase, but especially so with appliances because they tend to be expensive. There are a variety of electric citrus juicers to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Now that you know what to look for, check out our recommendations on this page!

Are citrus juicers worth it?

Citrus juicers are great for anyone who wants fresh juice in the morning or to make lemonade. They’re also convenient because they don’t require much work on your part and can be used with any type of citrus fruit like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes etc.

What is an electric citrus juicer?

An electric citrus juicer is a device that squeezes the juice out of fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. They are convenient because they don’t need to be manually squeezed by hand and can make fresh juice quickly without any mess or hassle! You just need to cut your fruit in half first before inserting it into one end of the machine.

What is a manual citrus juicer?

A manual citrus juicer is an inexpensive alternative for people who want fresh fruit juices but cannot afford an electric model (or don’t have access to electricity). These devices work by squeezing the fruit through two metal plates which grind up its pulp while extracting all liquid content from within; this creates puree-like consistency that can be separated.

What is the use of citrus juicer?

Citrus juicers are used to make fresh juice from fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. They’re convenient because they don’t require much work on your part and can be used with any type of citrus fruit! You just need cut your fruit in half first before inserting it into one end of the machine.

What are the benefits of drinking orange juice?

There are many benefits of drinking orange juice. Orange juice contains vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. It also has a lot of antioxidants that help prevent cancer by fighting off free radicals in the body (which can cause damage over time). The high levels of potassium found in oranges may assist with blood pressure control too!

What is the best citrus juicer for lemons?

The best lemon juicers are those made from stainless steel or aluminum because they’re durable and won’t rust if exposed to water regularly like other materials might do after being washed often. They should be easy enough on hands when squeezing them but firm enough so as not slip out during operation either – both plus points offer better

How can I make orange juice?

There are a few ways to make orange juice. You can use an electric citrus juicer, a manual citrus juicer or even squeeze oranges by hand. If you’re using an electric model, just cut your fruit in half and insert it into one end of the machine. If you’re using a manual model, place the fruit between the two metal plates and squeeze until all liquid content is extracted. If you’re squeezing oranges by hand, simply cut them in half and push down on each half with your hands to extract the juice.

The 5 best-selling citrus juicer on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
  • Auto-reversing juicing cones provide maximum juice extraction
  • Adjustable Pulp Control with Pulp Basket - Pulp collects in the removable basket so you can throw it out or use it in other recipes
  • Easy-to-Read Measurement - Markings on the clear juice container makes juicing for recipes easy
SaleBestseller No. 2
BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ650W,Small
  • Auto-reversing juicing cones provide maximum juice extraction
  • Adjustable Pulp Control - Pulp collects in the strainer so you can throw it out or use it in other recipes
  • Easy-to-Read Measurement - Markings on the juice container makes juicing for recipes easy
SaleBestseller No. 3
Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Squeezer, Citrus Juicer, Manual Press for Extracting The Most Juice Possible
  • Get Every Last Drop Of Juice: and NO SEEDS Proven to extract more juice than dozens of other brands.
  • Save Time and Effort: Easy to use and easy to store. No batteries needed. Super fast one squeeze operation.
  • Sturdy Heavy Duty Metal Bowl: Sturdy but light aluminum food grade coating makes it secure and reliable.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Cuisinart CCJ-500P1 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, 1, Black/Stainless
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: Our sleek brushed stainless steel Pulp Control Citrus Juicer gets out more juice more efficiently
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings-low, medium, high with auto-reversing universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Final-Spin feature extracts more juice from pulp and protects against dust including an extra-long snap-up spout that accommodates more glasses and prevents drippings
SaleBestseller No. 5
Zulay Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel with Premium Heavy Duty Solid Metal Squeezer Bowl and Food Grade Silicone Handles - Large Manual Citrus Press Juicer and Lime Squeezer Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Strength For Professional Juice Extraction: Our premium lemon squeezer is made with ultra-strong high quality 18/8 STAINLESS steel, with the perfect metal composition for no corrosion or rusting and unbreakable tank status. You also will have NO SEEDS in your juice. Works perfectly on Meyer lemons, Key limes, limequats, Mexican limes, Eureka or Lisbon lemons, Rangpur or Tahiti limes, from Florida, California or Abroad our citrus juicer tool can squeeze them all with maximum result.
  • Made With High Quality Stainless Steel: This easy-to-use and easy-to-store lemon squeezer is built like a tank. It will last literally a lifetime, if anything happens to it we WILL cover it, just reach out to our USA based customer service team. No more bulky, hard-to-clean juicers crowding the decor of your home bar or kitchen, this citrus press has you covered. Whether you’re a chef or simply want a pampered squeeze, you can be drinking lemonade in a just seconds.
  • Sturdy Heavy Duty Metal Bowls: This stainless steel lemon press/lime press can juice limes, large lemons and even small sized oranges. This manual juicer is made with sturdy food-grade stainless steel, lead-free material, it is secure and reliable. Not made from cheap aluminum.

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