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Is Beet Juice Bad for Your Kidneys?

Kidneys are essential to our health. The foods we eat and the liquids we drink play a key role in helping the kidneys perform their duties correctly. So, is beet juice bad for your kidneys?  Beet contains a high level of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, minerals, and other components that can damage kidneys. The part of…

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How Much Juice in One Lemon – The Ultimate Guide!

We’ve all heard the old saying—when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or perhaps a nice citrus-infused juice blend). The problem is that it’s not always clear how many lemons you’ll need to whip up one of these refreshing decoctions. Juice quotients can also vary widely from fruit to fruit, further complicating what should be…


What fruits can you not juice? Your A-to-Z List

The beauty of juicing is that it allows you to quickly extract liquid nutrition from fruits and veggies you might not normally eat. You know, like kohlrabi. Or jicama. Both are lovely foods that I have absolutely no idea how to prepare into an edible meal. Still, there are some fruits and vegetables that are better…

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Can You Juice a Banana? Plus 3 Delicious Recipes!

Can you juice a banana? The answer may surprise you! It is possible to make banana juice by extracting the liquid from the fruit. This can be done with a juicer or even a blender. The banana juice is a delicious and healthy drink that provides many nutrients and health benefits. In this article, we…

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Do You Peel Oranges Before Juicing? Surprising answer!

Do you peel oranges before juicing? Yes, the peels of oranges and grapefruits contain some oils that can cause pretty bad indigestion. Always peel the peels off oranges and grapefruit before juicing! This is one of the first questions you run into as a beginner juicer and one of the most useful juicing tips you’ll…


Top 10 Gift Ideas for Juicers

If you have a friend or family member who is into juicing, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of great gift ideas out there for people who love this healthy diet trend. Here are our top ten favorites. Check them out and see which one is perfect for the juicer in your life! Is…

10 juicing essentials

Juicing Essentials: 10 Things Every Juicer Should Have

Are there juicing must-haves? Absolutely. Here’s a list of juicing essentials that not only make the juicing possible, but fun, efficient, and enjoyable! JUICING ESSENTIALS #1. AN AWESOME JUICER This goes without saying, of course. After all – what’s a juicer (person) without a juicer (machine)? An “awesome” juicer is simply a juicer that really…

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Juicing for Hangover: 11 Best Hangover Juice Recipes

That was a pretty epic party, right? But now you’ve typed ‘juicing for hangover’ into Google ’cause you know it’s time to get back to real life – and you know you can’t go into that meeting wearing sunglasses and clutching your head. So where do you turn for quick and easy hangover solutions? To…


How to Stop Drinking Soda – in 4 Easy Steps

Soda is one of the most popular drinks in America, but it’s also one of the unhealthiest. Here are four ways on how to stop drinking soda and improve your health. Do you drink a lot of soda? If so, you might want to cut back – drinking too much soda can have some serious…

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61 Clever Juice Pulp Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Use Up Juice Pulp

You juice, you drink…and then you’re left with a whole bunch of juice pulp. You don’t want to just throw it away – what a waste! But what are you supposed to do with the stuff?! Wonder no more. We have some great juice pulp recipes for you! If you’ve been tossing out your juice pulp…

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5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Juicer

Deciding to embark on a juice journey is the easy part. Buying a juicer, on the other hand, can be quite a journey in itself. There are just so many juicers on the market and so many of them are great. How do you choose? How do you know what is the best juicer for…

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5 Tasty Recipes to Use Carrot Juice Pulp

For those who don’t like to waste any food or individuals that want to try a healthy spin on traditional baked goods and meat-filled entrees, cooking with carrot juice pulp may be perfect for you.  Whether you are an avid juicer with lots of leftover pulp in your juicing machine each morning or simply want…

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