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6 Green Juice Recipes for Weight Loss (Low Calories + High Nutrition)

The best green juice recipes for weight loss should possess the perfect trifecta of being rich in nutrients, boosting metabolism and helping to cleanse your body. The problem is that many people who are drinking green juice to lose weight are making a couple mistakes that are getting in the way of progress. Let’s dive […]


Juicing for Clear Skin: Here are the Best Juice Recipes for Clear Skin

Let’s start with the bad news: juicing for clear skin doesn’t yield results overnight. But the good news? One of the first positive changes you’ll notice when juicing regularly will be in your overall skin health and tone. In fact, the biggest reason why so many juicers – including myself – regularly put up with […]


What is a Juice Cleanse and Should You Do One?

Juice cleanses: We’ve all heard of them. Certainly most of us want a healthier lifestyle, but are juice cleanses the way to go? Juice cleanses promise health benefits and weight loss, and it sounds like a golden opportunity to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet in a fun and interesting way. But is […]


Juice Cleanse Benefits: 19 Reasons to Do a Juice Cleanse

One of the biggest and most obvious juice cleanse benefits is that it acts as a big “start over” button. We want to feel light and clear-headed again after maybe a few bad days (weeks? months?) of eating unhealthily and juice cleansing presents a way to reset. And with so many wholesome fruits and vegetables […]


Juicing for Lung Health: 5 Delish Lung Cleansing Juice Recipes

Juicing for lung health just makes sense. After all, without lungs, we can’t survive. And so many of us have exposed our precious lungs to so much, from pollution to smoking. So what can we do to remedy the damage? Whether you’re living in a highly polluted area or you’ve recently quit smoking (congrats!) and you’re […]


6 Celebs Who Juice for Weight Loss, Detox and Glow (And How They Do It)

Celebs who juice are everywhere – although most of us don’t know it. When we see celebrities walking the red carpet, some of them are glowing. With radiant skin and a perfectly sculpted figure, did they just happen to win the genetic lottery? Sure, we can contribute a lot of their effervescence to a team […]

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