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There are a lot of Juicer machines out there. We have reviewed a lot of them, from the affordable option to the top of the line professional gear. This will help you to find the right juicer.

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Where to start?

Definitely check out the article about what different types of juicers there are. Once you know the basics it will be easier for you to decide. Check the article out here.

Here’s a list of all our posts:

  • Hurom Juicer: Is it the Best Juicer for You? A Full, Detailed Review
    Last week, a good friend and neighbor of mine splurged on a spankin’ new and we had an impromptu juice party for two. I’ve owned many a great juicer in my time, but after a day of seeing what the Hurom has to offer – I have to say the Hurom juicer is in ...
  • Hamilton Beach Juicer 2022: It is the Best Juicer for You?
    If you are looking for a quality juicer that is affordable and easy to use, the Hamilton Beach Juicer is a great option. This juicer has some great features, but there are also some drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing it. In this review, we will take a look at the pros ...
  • 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Juicer
    Deciding to embark on a juice journey is the easy part. Buying a juicer, on the other hand, can be quite a journey in itself. There are just so many juicers on the market and so many of them are great. How do you choose? How do you know what is the best juicer for ...
  • Best Juicer for Greens: Top 3 for Juice Quality
    If you’re planning on doing a lot of green juicing, choosing the best juicer for greens is the wisest thing you can do. Why, you ask? Green juices are among the best fuel you can give your body on a regular basis. But not all green juices are created equal. Some are exposed to heat and ...
  • Juicing 101: What is the Best Juicer to Buy in 2022?
    The one thing every beginner juicer wants to know is “What is the best juicer to buy?” We wish there was a definitive answer to this, but like so many other things in life – it really depends on who’s asking.  What we mean by that is that the best juicer to buy depends very much on ...
  • Jack LaLanne Juicers: The Pros and Cons and the Top 3 Models
    The Jack Lalanne Power Juicers have been on the market since 2002. In the first two years over 2 million of these juicers were sold. So just what makes them so popular? The Power Juicers are known to be simple in design, yet highly functional. The Jack Lalanne range also has a reputation for being good quality ...
  • Green Star Juice Extractor Review: Pros and Cons and Is it Worth the Money?
    If you’re a fan of green juice, then you’ve already heard of the Green Star juicer – and for good reason. Time and time again juicers don’t meet our expectations because of their limited ability to extract juice from leafy green veggies. This is where the Green Star juicer is in a league of its own. The ...
  • Best Value Juicers (Under $200)
    Juicing is one of the best decisions you can make for your health, but the truth is – it might not be as friendly to your wallet. If you’re looking to get started juicing and want the best juicer for the money – here are our favorite picks. They’re all under $200. 1. The OldPAPA Manual Juicer This ...
  • What are the Different Types of Juicers? 2022 update
    When it comes to choosing your first juicer, forget the brand and the reviews for a second and just focus on one thing: the types of juicers out there and how they stack up against each other. Because when it comes to choosing the right juicer for your needs, knowing exactly what type of juicer ...

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