Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer: The Best Way to Enjoy Fresh, Nutritious Juice

If you’re a fan of fresh, nutritious juice, you’ll love Aobosi slow masticating juicer. These machines are the best way to enjoy fresh juice without having to spend a lot of time and effort preparing it yourself. Aobosi slow masticating juicers are easy to use and produce high-quality juice that is packed with nutrients. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Aobosi slow masticating juicers and how they can help you improve your health!


It’s no secret that Aobosi is a popular manufacturer of kitchen tools. They conducted various studies to learn how to improve the user experience using common household items. Since the company’s goal is for customers to enjoy their time in the kitchen, it manufactures a wide variety of appliances for various purposes.

Aobosi masticating juicer

What is Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer?

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer is a type of juicer that uses a slow, grinding motion to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This method preserves more nutrients than other juicing methods, such as centrifugal juicers.

The aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer is a great choice for people who want to get the most out of their juicing experience. This machine is easy to use and produces high-quality juice that is packed with nutrients.

What is a Masticating Juicer?

Slow juicers, gear juicers, and auger juicers are all names for juicers that smash produce at a slow speed.

A masticating juicer is a type of juicer that uses a slow, grinding action to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. The produce is smashed at roughly 80-100 RPM and then pushed through a sharp screen while using this juicer. This process retains more nutrients and produces less foam and pulp than other types of juicers.

Masticating juicers can be used to make a variety of juices, including green juices, which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. If you’re looking for a juicer that will give you the most health benefits, a masticating juicer is a good option.

Why Choose Aobosi Slow Masticating Juice?

Maximize Juice Yield

Slow masticating could indeed flawlessly isolate juice and pulp, extracting higher-purity juice and conserving more nutrients. Our auger spins at 80 RPM and gets up to 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals out of the fruit. 80 rpm means a slower speed, which means less heat and less oxidation. The baffle in the juice cup can also help separate the juice from the pulp. With this juicer, we can drink the real taste and get the most out of the nutrients.

Best for Fruits and Vegetables

This juicer, can extract a variety of fruits and vegetables in a matter of minutes, works especially well with vegetables, allowing the juice to retain its natural color, flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. There will be no splattering or unclean hands. A glass of juice with little pulp and foam can be consumed in a matter of seconds. Vitamins can help you stay in shape and boost your immunity. Suitable for persons on a diet, children, and the elderly.

masticating juicer

Quiet and Safe to Use

This juicer has clever protective chips that cause it to stop automatically after 20 minutes of operation. 150W motor- less than 60 dB, small mouth design for putting ingredients that prevents injury to your hands and ensures the ingredients are crushed and skinned for healthier juice When making juice, I simply enjoy a peaceful and secure environment, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Quick to Set up and Easy to Clean

This juicing device has a built – in safety design that makes it simple to setup and disassemble in minutes. Has a reverse function to help you avoid becoming trapped and clean. All detachable parts are made of high grade Food Grade anti-oxidation materials and are easy to clean with a complimentary brush or in your dishwasher.


The manufacturer’s guarantee protects the product against manufacturing flaws for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. There is no need to register your Aobosi product because all warranties are automatically tracked in our system. For an additional 6 months of free warranty, you need to register on their site, fill out the request form and email them a picture of your Warranty Card


Color: Red

Dimensions: 7.87″D x 17.32″W x 12.2″H

Material: Food Grade Plastic

Wattage: 150 watts

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Product Dimension: 17.32 x 7.87 x 12.2 inches

Weight: 9.72 pounds

How to juice the following


Juices hard and soft fruits efficiently, including citrus fruits, which are notoriously difficult to juice. Jam cannot be made, and some fruits cannot be juiced (such as bananas,mangoes, dried fruit, sugar cane, etc.).


Vegetables should be cut into strips (less than 10 cm). All vegetables, including carrots, beets, celery, peppers, and radishes, are juiced without compromising their inherent flavor or nutritional value. This unique extraction procedure ensures fresh taste and rich nutrition.

Leafy Vegetables and Wheat

Make strips out of it (less than 10 cm). Wheat grass, kale, cabbage, spinach, and pine tree needles are just a few of the natural things that the Aobosi juicer can juice. Enjoy the best that nature has to offer in raw foods of all kinds and juice them for maximum nutritious value.

slow masticating juicer

Customers Reviews


I was hesitant to purchase this juicer after reading the negative reviews, but after looking at some of the most costly juicers, I discovered that all juicers have negative ratings that are quite similar. Breaks easily, leaks, the company stinks, and so on. So I decided to give this juicer a try because it had the fewest negative ratings. The juicer is quite simple to assemble. When you first open the package, it appears much more complicated than it is to assemble. This took me 6 minutes to put together. Very straightforward. I immediately put it to use.

The main drawback to this juicer is that you must chop the fruit or vegetables into bits, although most juicers do not have large chutes. It will not break if you are not aggressive with it. People who break it, I believe, simply place something large in the chute in the hope that it will expand or something. It will, of course, violate common sense. I didn’t have to chop anything into little bits. I cut a cucumber in half longways and it fit through the chute just fine.


This product has no flaws in my opinion! The motor is very simple to clean. It literally only took 5 minutes. It is simple to assemble and disassemble. Produces a significant volume of juice. The foam separator is brilliant. The flavor is fantastic!


The product is fairly good; the juice is really pure, there is no residue, it is very easy to use, and the efficiency is extremely high; it is the greatest juicer I have ever used! It will be used every day and is extremely quiet, making no noise! Very reasonable!


Overall, the Aobosi slow masticating juice extractor is a great product if you are looking for an affordable option that still offers high-quality performance. It’s easy to use and clean, and it comes with a variety of attachments that make it versatile. The only downside is that it can be a bit noisy when in operation, but this minor flaw is easily outweighed by all the benefits offered by the Aobosi juicer.

If you are on the hunt for a quality juicer that doesn’t break the bank, then we highly recommend giving the Aobosi slow masticating juicer extractor a try.

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