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Spinach Juice Benefits (That Go Beyond Popeye’s Muscles)

spinach juice benefits

Spinach juice is full of nutrients that will provide you with a wealth of benefits. And we’re not just talking about the strength and muscles that we’ve come to associate with spinach thanks to Popeye. The health benefits of this green leafy vegetable go far beyond that…

Heal with Vitamin K. Spinach juice is a rich source of phylloquinone, commonly referred to as Vitamin K. This vitamin is important because it regulates the thickness of your blood and helps your blood to form clots after an injury. Incredibly, just one ounce of spinach juice will provide you with the daily recommended intake of Vitamin K.

See better with spinach. The high levels of beta carotene and Vitamin A will improve your night vision. When combined with carrot juice, spinach juice can help prevent age-related eye problems such as macular degeneration, the development of cataracts, and night blindness.

Combat acidosis. Spinach juice contains alkaline minerals that cleanse your body tissue and maintain the alkalinity of your blood. This is what makes spinach an effective remedy for acidosis.

Beat rheumatoid arthritis. The alkalinity of spinach also means that it is an effective remedy for the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Fight anemia. Spinach is known for providing high levels of iron. Iron is a blood builder: it regenerates and reactivates red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen throughout the body.

Boost your immune system. Your body will utilize the Vitamin A found in spinach juice to boost your immunity and therefore help your body fight infections and diseases.

Stop bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are caused by a Vitamin C deficiency as well as a high intake of refined sugar. A combination of spinach and carrot juices is an effective cure for this ailment.

Protect your cells. The manganese found in spinach juice helps to protect your cells from damage. By neutralizing oxidative stress in your cells, manganese protects your DNA and cell membranes from the damaging effects of toxic compounds.

Lower your blood pressure. Spinach contains certain protein compounds which effectively lower high blood pressure.

Fight cancer. Spinach juice contains chlorophyll and carotene (lutein) which aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer. These nutrients slow down the division and spread of cancer cells, particularly in breast, cervical, stomach, skin, and prostate cancer.

Aid digestion. Spinach juice contains manganese, which aids in the breakdown of all carbs and protein in your diet. In addition, spinach juice cleanses, builds and nourishes the digestive tract. It does this through the high level of fiber, which is essential for healthy digestive functioning. Spinach juice can be used to treat colitis, constipation, poor digestion, and even stomach ulcers.

Have healthy bones. In addition to its other benefits, the manganese in spinach juice also helps to promote the growth of healthy bones and cartilage. Spinach juice is therefore a good treatment for osteoporosis.

Get more fiber. Adding raw spinach leaves to your juice will provide you with additional fiber and nutrients that you need in your daily diet.

Have healthy, glowing skin. The antioxidants in spinach juice will keep your skin feeling supple and well hydrated. Enjoy a healthy, glowing complexion and prevent the effects of time and age – without the chemicals.

Treat your hair. The Vitamin B complex in spinach juice stimulates hair growth. In addition to treating a thinning hair line or an itchy scalp, spinach juice will give your hair a healthy sheen.

Enjoy healthy pregnancies and lactation. Spinach juice is rich in folate and iron, which are essential for the healthy development of a fetus. It also prevents threatened miscarriage and accidental hemorrhage. In addition, spinach juice improves both the quality and quantity of breast milk produced by the mother.

Tips for Juicing Spinach

  • If possible, buy organic spinach.
  • Spinach needs to be cleaned thoroughly as it can accumulate sand, soil, and pesticides.
  • Add a bit of spice to your spinach juice by blending it with carrots and ginger juice.
  • For a sweet drink, combine spinach juice with apple and beet juices.
  • Do not drink more than 500ml of spinach juice per day.
  • Although raw spinach juice is very healthy, you should limit your consumption of cooked or processed spinach. This is because the oxalic acid in raw spinach is organic and healthy, but when cooked it becomes inorganic and prevents the absorption of calcium and iron. Learn more about rotating your greens!
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