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Benefits of Kale Juice: Why You Should Be Juicing the Queen of Greens

benefits of kale juice

You can’t call yourself a true leafy green fan if you’ve never had kale….’though if you’re on this website, you’re probably on friendly terms with this queen of greens. Apart from being known for its rather unusual curly appearance, kale also has a distinct flavor – and nutritional – profile that makes it stand out from its leafy green cousins.

Originally cultivated in and around Europe almost 3,000 years back, kale reached the shores of the United States sometime in the 17th century and immediately became one of the most popular vegetables in the country. Apart from its unique taste, this leafy green has also gathered quite a following for the various recipes that can be whipped up from it.

From salads to stews, as well as casseroles and soups, kale is simply very versatile in the kitchen. You can even make chips from this vegetable as well. However, your kale experience won’t be complete if you haven’t tried tossing it in the juicer.

Here are the top benefits of kale to juice for!

Kale juice keeps your bones strong and healthy

Vitamin K plays a key role in the growth and development of bones. Apart from helping see to it that bone cells grow properly, this vitamin also helps maintain their natural strength to prevent fractures in the long run.

Kale is a leafy green that is just bursting with vitamin K. A cup of this vegetable can easily provide you with almost 6 times of your daily recommended intake of this nutrient. Interestingly, most of the vitamin K is contained in kale’s indigestible cellulose, which can only be acquired if you juice it.

Kale juice is great for your eyes

Forget about reaching for medicines and similar pharmaceutical products if you’re looking to keep your eyesight as sharp as ever. Making it a habit to whip up a glass or two of kale juice every day will help you pull it off and in a much tastier way as well.

Apart from providing more than 130 percent of an adult’s recommended dietary intake of vitamin A, perhaps the highest among all leafy greens, kale is also quite rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, nutrients that stave off eye damage from rays of light that are above the healthy ultraviolet range. A single glass of kale juice already gives you around 5.8 milligrams of zeaxanthin and lutein, which is almost half of your suggested daily intake.

Kale juice keeps cardiovascular disease at bay

Kale belongs to an elite group of vegetables that possess very high amounts of Omega 3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), which plays a key factor in the prevention of cardiovascular disease by helping normalize low density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol levels.

When bad cholesterol levels are allowed to build up in the body, they clog up channels where blood flows through like blood vessels, arteries and veins with a fatty, waxy substance, making you extremely vulnerable to stroke and heart attack. Omega 3 ALA has also been seen to stave off the formation of unwanted blood clots in the body that can also make you prone to a number of serious health issues sooner or later.

Kale juice is a superb detoxifier

Compared to other leafy greens, kale contains a much higher isothiocyanate content than its counterparts, which makes it a smart choice to go for if you’re looking to get rid of harmful toxins inside your body that can set off health problems in the long run.

When metabolized inside the system, isothiocyanates are converted into glucosinolates that are basically detoxifying enzymes which eliminate toxins that may have accumulated from pollution, preservatives from processed foods and similar factors.

Kale juice supports healthy blood cells

Apart from their significant contribution to vision and bone health, the abundant amounts of vitamins A and K in kale also help ensure that the overall health of your blood cells is up to par.

Moreover, vitamin K plays an important role in the regulation of platelets so they would always clump together and form tight clots during injury. As for vitamin A, it doesn’t just help in the production of white and red blood cells, but also guides their optimal development until they are fully functional.

Ready to juice some kale? Here are our favorite kale juice recipes!

Interesting Facts about Kale Juice

  • When choosing kale to toss in the juicer, go for ones that flaunt dark-colored leaves and stems that are moist yet still have a firm feel when you touch them.
  • Always keep kale refrigerated – preferably in a freshness-ensuring container – since warmer temperatures not only hasten the breakdown of enzymes that make this leafy green lose its nutrients, but also dull its natural flavors in the process.
  • Pick kale that has smaller leaves if you want to have a more intense flavor profile to your juice.
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