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Juice Recipes to Fight Wrinkles from the Inside Out

antiaging juice recipes

The old adage – “You are what you eat” – is true. The foods that you put in your body make more of a difference than the products you put on your body, helping your skin to fight wrinkles from within.

Try these delicious anti aging juice recipes below to protect your skin from the inside out!

Green Goddess

green juice recipe

Did you know that cucumber peels are made of silica, which is an important building block of the skin-plumping, wrinkle-preventing collagen? Just one cucumber with peel on gives you around five milligrams of silica.

Cucumbers are also incredibly hydrating – which is a simple but crucial antidote to wrinkles. Spinach and  watercress are chock full of chlorophyll, which provides ample skin benefits and carrots, of course, are infamous for their beta-carotene (which converts to the more familiar vitamin A, an important antioxidant).

Beet It!

beet juice recipe

Beets are an antiaging superfood. Although beets have an ample amount of well-known antioxidants – such as vitamin C and manganese – these vibrantly hued vegetables get their potent antioxidant power (and their color) from a lesser-known antioxidant known as betalains. Betalains have been researched in various studies and have been shown to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation –  a huge cause of aging. The blood red hues in beets helps your body fight off inflammation that eventually leads to wrinkles.

Road Runner

energy juice recipe

ROAD RUNNER is a great anti aging elixir. With cucumbers (peels on!) to supply you with silica and alfalfa sprouts which are rich in phytonutrients and chlorophyll, this juice concoction is already a powerhouse of anti aging nutrients, but add to the mix red cabbage – which you can tell just from its color that it is packed full of antioxidants – and you get a blast of wrinkle-fighting power. Red cabbage is also a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals – just one cup gives you 85% of your daily vitamin C and 20% of your daily vitamins A and K.

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