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9 Juicing Mistakes that Make You Fat and Sick

I love juicing. And I juiced any which way I pleased for a really long time. That is, ’til I learned that as simple and enjoyable as juicing is, there are several little rules that can enhance a juicing experience. Below you’ll find a list of juicing mistakes I’ve made and learned from as well […]


61 Clever Juice Pulp Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Use Up Juice Pulp

You juice, you drink…and then you’re left with a whole bunch of juice pulp.You don’t want to just throw it away – what a waste! But what are you supposed to do with the stuff?!Wonder no more.​If you’ve been tossing out your juice pulp and feeling guilty about it, we’ve got you covered.  There are a gazillion […]


Top 10 Anti Aging Foods to Add to Your Juice Recipes

Yes, seeing those little wrinkles in the mirror can be intimidating. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “what anti-aging treatment should I get?” “Which creams and potions work?” Or even, “OMG! Do I need botox?!” No worries, we all have those days. But there’s no reason to resort to the likes of botox just yet. Especially […]


Juicing Vegetables? Here’s a List of the Best Vegetables to Juice

Ever wished you had a go to little list of all the best vegetables to juice? You know, something that hands you a little snippet of what to juice for what benefits?Well, we’ve got you covered with this little A-to-Z of vegetables to juice. You’ll be very familiar with some – cucumber, anyone? – and ​might […]


Juicing vs Blending: What’s the Difference?

If you – like us – love to drink your food, there are generally two ways to go about it: juicing vs blending. You’ve probably already tried both and most likely, liked them both. They’re both great methods of drinking your raw, fresh nutrition and each has their own perks and drawbacks. Remember that these […]


Guilt-Free Holiday Dessert Smoothie Recipes as Yummy as They are Healthy

Pumpkin pie. Red Velvet cake. Old fashioned apple pie. Eggnog. Peppermint cake. Gingerbread cookies. Salivating yet? I know I am. The best thing about the holidays has always been the gathering together of wonderful family desserts to be consumed with reckless abandon. But we all know where that leads. Yup, to post-holiday remorse and dieting. This […]

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