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8 Kale Juice Benefits that Prove Kale is the Queen of Greens

Curious about the various kale juice benefits you’ll get by adding this ever-popular green to your juice recipes? Join the club. After all, you can’t call yourself a true leafy green fan if you’ve never had kale….’though if you’re on this website, you’re probably on friendly terms with this queen of greens. Apart from being […]


Grapefruit Juice Benefits: From Immunity to Weight Loss

Believed to be a hybrid of two citrus plants, namely the orange and pomelo, grapefruit earned its name because of the rather unusual clumping of its fruits as they grow, which somewhat resembles a cluster of grapes. Moreover, it is also one of the most abundant citrus fruits when it comes to juice. Did you […]


Is Aloe Vera Juice Good for You? Our Favorite Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Most of us know of aloe vera as the go-to skin remedy for sunburn, but did you know that this spiky green plant is also an amazingly healthy ingredient to juice? While they may all look the same to us, there are actually over 200 different varieties of aloe vera, thriving everywhere (in the hottest, driest […]

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