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Ginseng Juice Recipes to Boost Energy and Immunity

Ginseng juice is one of the most underrated superfoods – ever. And that’s unfortunate because this is one of the most revitalizing, rejuvenating tonics you can gift to your body. Lacking in the energy department? Prone to frequent colds and coughs? If so – you need some ginseng juice. You see, this warming root offers a big […]


Cabbage Juice Benefits: From Cancer-Fighting Compounds to Boosting Gut Health

You’ve no doubt heard of people going on cabbage diets – I did this too…once upon a time. But have you ever considered the benefits of raw cabbage juice? Cabbage is in fact considered a ‘superfood’ which is why cabbage juice benefits are something you’ll definitely want to be taking advantage of. So what makes cabbage […]


Burdock Juice for Potent Detox and Inner Cleansing

Burdock root is not exactly a household name in North America, but it’s been used for food, tea, and medicine in the East for…ever. You might have to schlep to your local Chinatown markets to get your hands on these roots, but burdock juice is worth it – especially if a thorough liver detox is […]


Juicing Sage? Here’s Why It’s Great for Digestion and Memory

The pungent smell of sage is one that may bring you memories of thanksgiving at Grandmas, or perhaps of high desert walks in the Southwest. This aromatic herb has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, and with good reason. Sage has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, counter-irritant and antiseptic properties. This bitter herb stimulates the digestive system […]


Thyme Juice Benefits: Juicing Thyme for a Nutrient-Rich Immune Boost

The ancient Greeks thought thyme made one courageous. And while the courage-giving benefits of thyme haven’t yet been verified by science, there are a number of other thyme benefits that have been well-researched and worth knowing. For starters, thyme is an awesome anti-oxidant, containing many important flavonoids:  apigenin, naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin. Apigenin, also found in […]

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