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5 Juicy Benefits of Watermelon + Best Watermelon Juice Recipes Roundup

Watermelons are without a doubt one of the most popular fruits across the globe. But did you know that aside from their refreshingly sweet flavor, these juicy treats also offer a number of cool health benefits? Here’s a little glimpse of what a glass of delicious watermelon juice does for your body… Improves Kidney Function: Watermelons are […]


Super Simple 2-Ingredient Juice Recipes

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da VinciLeo knew what he was talking about, even when it comes to juice recipes. ‘Cause as much as we love mixing it up in the kitchen, sometimes you just don’t have the time to soak and wash, cut and chop, and peel and core a whole bunch of produce. And […]


4 Simple Juicing Recipes that Fight Acne and Boost Eye Health

#1. An Eye Health-Promoting, Energy-Boosting Healthy Juice Recipe In the mood for an unconventional juice recipe? Sure, it might taste a little different from what you’re used to, but it also comes with some differently exceptional health benefits. Like those provided by bell peppers – this sweet and juicy veggie is the perfect beauty food […]


A Healthy Green Juice to Balance Your pH Levels

Okay, I know I always say this…but this is the best-tasting healthy green juice you’ll ever try! Especially if you love the aromatic taste of basil… But this juice recipe’s not just good for the taste buds – celery and lemon combine to provide a gentle detox and balance internal pH levels and digestion-boosting pear adds a […]


Very Simple, Very Healthy Juicer Recipes

On the hunt for healthy juicer recipes that don’t come with a mile-long grocery list? Search no more. These very simple, very healthy recipes take about a minute to whip up and their list of health benefits is much longer than their list of ingredients 🙂 Apple Juice on Steroids This apple juice recipe is […]