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The Best Fruit to Juice and Their Many Benefits

There’s nothing quite like a cup (or three) of sweet, delicious fruit to transform a juice recipe from “healthy but bleh” to “give me another cup, please.”​So which fruits should you be tossing into your juicer (and blender)? Here are our juicing and blending favorites – their health benefits are every bit as sweet as […]


3 Digestive Juice Recipes to Beat Thanksgiving Bloat

This week, Americans across the nation will generously indulge in our proud annual ritual of consuming copious amounts of food and drink. And hey, who can blame us? Thanksgiving dinners are delicious. What’s not so delicious is the aftermath. I’m not just talking about food coma. You know that uncomfortable, organs-have-shifted feeling you get in […]


Mint Juice for Better Circulation and Immunity + Mint Juice Recipes

What do you think of when you think of mint? The all-pervasive cooling freshness of toothpaste… The sweet spiciness of those candy canes you got in your stocking as a child… Maybe even the almost overwhelming ‘hotness’ of altoids. Mint flavoring has been a staple of candymakers for as long as candy has been sold. […]


4 Simple Juicing Recipes that Fight Acne and Boost Eye Health

#1. An Eye Health-Promoting, Energy-Boosting Healthy Juice Recipe In the mood for an unconventional juice recipe? Sure, it might taste a little different from what you’re used to, but it also comes with some differently exceptional health benefits. Like those provided by bell peppers – this sweet and juicy veggie is the perfect beauty food […]


3 of the Mean(est) Green Juice Recipes for Energy and Weight Loss

Ever since Joe Cross shared his Mean Green Juice recipe on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, it’s quickly become the go-to green juice recipe for juicers across the globe looking to lose weight, detox, boost immunity, and keep a happy, healthy body. And ‘though I absolutely love the simple, delicious original Mean Green Juice, you can’t drink the […]


5 Super Healthy Juice Recipes for Immunity, Organ Health, and Detox

On the hunt for nutritionally-dense, healthy juice recipes laden with antioxidants and essential minerals? Search no more – I’ve compiled a few of my favorite simple, yet full-of-healthy-goodness recipes for your juicing pleasure. All the healthy juice recipes below have 5 ingredients or less, but they’re packing serious nutritional power. Try them out yourself – […]

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