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16 Surprising Spinach Juice Benefits (And 3 Delicious Spinach Juice Recipes)

If you’re looking for specific spinach juice benefits to justify your love of spinach, you’re so not alone. The truth of the matter is that spinach is one of the easiest greens to get started juicing. It’s easy to find, it’s very palatable and unlike some of the more hardcore greens (we’re looking at you, […]


5 Cilantro Juice Recipes with Anti-Anxiety Benefits

Doesn’t just a whiff of cilantro put you in a good mood? Try drinking the stuff ­čÖé It’s not just your imagination, either –┬áresearch shows that cilantro┬áhas anti-anxiety effects similar to diazepam (an anti-anxiety prescription drug), but without the crapload of unwanted side effects like amnesia and sedation. And this isn’t to mention all the […]


9 Tremendous Tomato Juice Benefits (Plus 5 Tasty Tomato Juice Recipes)

When it comes to versatility in the kitchen, tomatoes are definitely a fruit (or vegetable cording to the Tariff Act of 1883) that tops of the list. And with the loads and loads of vitamins and minerals you can get from them, tomatoes are some of the healthiest treats you can indulge in as well. […]


Very Simple, Very Healthy Juicer Recipes

On the hunt for healthy juicer recipes that don’t come with a mile-long grocery list? Search no more. These very simple, very healthy recipes take about a minute to whip up and their list of health benefits is much longer than their list of ingredients ­čÖé Apple Juice on Steroids This apple juice recipe is […]

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